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Bedtime discussion tonight.

Tristan: Bones are really hard.

Mommy: Yes they are, you have bones right here in your back called your spine.

T: Dogs eat bones.

M: They do, but not people bones. They eat chicken bones.

T: We eat chicken meat. But we have to cook it first. Otherwise the chicken would be alive and running all over table!

T: What’s that smell?

M: I don’t know, what does it smell like?

T: It smells like tasty brownies. Maybe a chicken is downstairs cooking brownies in our kitchen! Maybe there is a chicken cooking CHICKEN in our kitchen!!!  LOL!

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Stella is Six Months Old

I missed last month!  But we still got the pictures for five months.  What can I say, we are busy!

Stella had her 6 month well-visit this month. She weighed in at 15 lb 14 oz  and 26 inches. We think they got an incorrect measurement at her 4 month appointment because she measured the same this time.  We think this one is correct because she’s right around the 50th percentile for height, weight, and head circumference.  She’s an average sized baby!

She’s good in 9 month or 6-12 month size clothes.  We don’t have any 9 month fleece PJs so I put her in 12 month.  They fit fine for her body and arms but the legs are a little long!

Stella is still a happy baby.  She’s so pleasant!  (Most of the time…)  She is definitely getting louder.  She just started babbling bababa and dadada.  Even after I’ve been coaching her to say mama for months!  :)  We went to the zoo and the Children’s Museum this month and she loves being toted around in the Bjorn carrier.

Stella can roll from back to belly.  IF she wants to.  She prefers to sit up, which she can do really well now.  She’s leaning forward on her hands in order to reach toys.  Sometimes she ends up on her belly if that doesn’t go well for her!  She can spin using her arms when she’s on her belly.  She kicks her legs so hard but they just don’t get her moving like she wants.

Stella can hold on to things and pass them back and forth between her hands.  She’s practicing her pincher grasp.  If you hold something in front of her, both of her arms will come straight out to grab it, it’s so funny.  She loves shaking rattles and banging them on everything.

We started Stella on food just after 5 months.  She was sitting at the table with us obviously wanting to eat!  She’s had sweet potatoes, pears, carrots, and bananas, and a few veggie mixes from jars.

Night sleep is still going fairly well.  Most nights she sleeps all night.  If she does wake up, we give her the binky and she goes right back to sleep.  We need to get away from the binky reliance though.

Nicknames for Stella– Stella Bella, Little Monkey, Stella Boo, Pretties

Things Stella likes: Standing, the Do-A-Diddy song, other kids (especially Tristan!), being naked, Sophie the giraffe, new toys, chewing on everything, pulling hair, grabbing faces, rustling paper, splashing in the bath, sleeping in the car.

Things Stella doesn’t like: Getting dressed after bath, waiting while food is being prepared.

Five Months:

Six Months:

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Stella is Four Months Old

Stella had her 4 month well-visit this month. She weighed in at 13 lb 8.5 oz (35th %) and 26 inches (95th %). It’s funny because all three of our kids were 26 inches at 4 months. But Stella started out the smallest so she grew at a faster rate! I don’t mind her lighter weight, she is easier to tote around that way. She can still wear some 6 month clothes but 9 month definitely fit better. Sleepers especially need to be the bigger size.

She did pretty well getting her shots. Lots of tears! She had a fever the next day but that was the only side effect.

Stella is still a happy little baby. Crying and fussing are at a minimum, though she is amping up her volume. Taking notes from big sister maybe?  She likes eye contact and attention.  Sometimes when she’s fussing, what she really wants is someone to look and talk to her.

Stella is still sleeping really well.  Most nights she sleeps all night. She’s a cat napper during the day. Hopefully once she is on the move physically she will tire herself out more and need longer naps.

She hasn’t figured out rolling yet, though she did roll from belly to back once or twice by accident. She’s doing pretty well with tummy time. She can get her head up pretty high if she’s in the right mood. She pushes with her legs and can spin in a circle if she’s feeling adventurous. She also found her abs this month. One day she woke up and decided she wanted to try to sit up. She loves being pulled up to a seated position by her hands. And instantly she tries to put our hand in her mouth!

Nicknames for Stella– Stella Bella, Little Monkey, Stella Boo, Pretties

Things Stella likes: Her stuffed giraffe toy (she LOVES his face and loves to talk to him!), tinu’s, babbling and screeching, Tristan talking to her, Delaney give her kisses, being naked, holding our hand when she is tired or scared, being carried around.

Things Stella doesn’t like: Getting dressed after bath, poopy diapers, loud noises.



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Stella is Three Months Old!

Three months!  Only three?  It seems like she’s been with us so much longer than that.

I weigh Stella on an old UPS scale at home so it’s pretty accurate.  She’s around 12 lbs 5 oz now, a pound heavier than last month.  I tried measuring her as well and I think she’s about an inch taller than last month.  We tried to use up our overstock of size 1 diapers but we had no choice but to move up to the 2’s.  They just didn’t fit anymore.

Stella is still a great baby.  She’s content and happy most of the time.  She really likes to be held.  Luckily we love to oblige! If she cries it’s pretty easy to figure out if she’s hungry, tired, needs a diaper change, or wants to be held.  One or more of those things will make her happy.

Stella is still sleeping really well.  Sometimes she wakes up once per night, sometimes she doesn’t.  She’s still sleeping in the Rock N Play in our room.  I know she needs to go to her crib soon, but I’m afraid of disrupting her good sleep!

She’s a smiley girl, especially in the mornings.  She has great head control now, we can sit her up in our lap and she likes looking around.  She’s getting louder when she ‘talks.’  She has also started putting things in her mouth.  Her hands, burp cloth, wash cloth during bath, the top of her sleep sack.  She is constantly blowing bubbles too.

Nicknames for Stella– Stella Bella, Little Monkey

Things Stella likes:  Being held, her binky, holding on to toys, being naked.

Things Stella doesn’t like:  Tummy time, having her nose wiped, getting dressed after her bath.














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Stella is Two Months Old!

Two months!

At her two month visit to the pediatrician, Stella weighed in at 11 lbs 4 oz and she is 23.25 inches long.  That is the 43rd percentile for weight (up from 35th)  and the 80th for height (up from 58th)!  Other than a few exceptions, she’s wearing size 3-6 month clothes now.  We’re trying to use up the rest of our size 1 diapers, but otherwise the size 2’s fit her much better.

Stella is still very chill!  Some days I don’t think she cries at all.  She fusses when she’s hungry or tired and we’re pretty good at figuring out what she needs.  Shortly after I wrote her one month post, she started to show signs of reflux.  :(  We got her on Zantac and it is working really well for her.  On the several occasions when we’ve missed giving her a dose, her symptoms definitely come back.

Stella has become a really good sleeper.  She is usually asleep by 9:00 pm.  She wakes once around 4 or 5:00, eats briefly, then goes back to sleep for a couple more hours.  Her longest sleep span was 9 hours one night!  I cannot complain one bit.  She still sleeps in the rock-n-play in our room.  I’m not sure when I’ll be ready to move my last baby into the crib in her own room!  She a quiet sleeper (no loud squeaks like Tristan!) so she doesn’t wake us up during the night.

She now smiles and ‘talks’.  Her whole face lights up when she smiles!  She talks and makes conversation.  She especially likes to talk to the lion on her activity mat.  She loves that thing!  She still really likes bath time.  She has gotten much better at head control and she likes to be held upright so she can look around at everything.  She follows people around the room and wants to see what is going on.  She’s grabbing onto things now as well.

Stella is lazy during tummy time.  She starts chewing on her fist and just lies there.  She might be a very happy tummy sleeper once she learns to roll!

Nicknames for Stella– Stella Bella, Little Monkey

Things Stella likes:  Her binky, being held, sleeping outdoors in the humidity, smiling faces, and being talked to.

Things Stella doesn’t like:  People getting too close to her face, being overtired, being set down when she’s sleeping in our arms.

















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Stella is One Month Old!

One month already!  But it already feels like Stella has been part of our family forever.

At her one month visit to the pediatrician, Stella weighed in at 9 lbs 1 oz and 21.5 inches long.  That is the 35th percentile for weight and the 58th for height!  She grew 1.5 inches and gained almost 3 pounds since birth.  She is now wearing 0-3 month clothes after wearing newborn size for the first few weeks.

Stella is such a chill baby!  She doesn’t cry often and when she does, it’s only because she wants to be held, eat, or she needs to go to sleep.  Her cry is nowhere near as loud as Delaney’s, which is a relief.  We can hold her and she falls asleep pretty easily.  Sometimes she even dozes off during tummy time.

The first week was rough with sleep until Stella got her days and nights figured out.  Now she wakes up two or three times during the night and goes back to sleep.  She wasn’t a fan of the swaddle once we got home and she didn’t have the startle reflex with her arms, so I gave that up.    She spits up a lot.  It comes out her mouth and nose but luckily it doesn’t seem to bother her too much.  So no reflux right now.  She had a blocked tear duct in her left eye for about a week, but luckily it opened up quickly.

Stella LOVES bath time.  The first few baths involved a lot of screaming, but now it’s her favorite place.  As soon as I take her into the bathroom, no matter how fussy she was, she stops crying.

Nicknames for Stella– Stella Boo, Stella Bella, Little Monkey

Stella enjoys her MAM binky, the lamb seat, the Mamaroo sometimes, being held, and watching what everyone else is doing.


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Be back in a flash!

Tristan and Delaney got to experience fireflies for the first time the other night. It was a magical experience for them and they loved it. When Tristan saw that they were blinking and lighting up he told us they were saying “Be back in a flash!” Clever little guy.

Delany found a page she liked in her workbook so I told her to “Color it in”. She looked on the page for a second and then said “Where’s the ‘N'”? She got me there.

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Stella’s Birth Story – 4/7/15

I woke up around 4:30 AM having contractions about five minutes apart.  I showered, finished packing my bag (finally!) and went downstairs to eat breakfast at 7:00 AM.  The contractions stopped.  I guess today probably wasn’t going to be the day after all!

8:20 – Ultrasound – I was two days past my due date of 4/5.  I had an OB appointment the previous day and my belly was measuring at only 35 weeks.  Dr. M wanted me to have an immediate ultrasound to check the amniotic fluid level.  No appointments were available Monday afternoon, but they fit me in early Tuesday morning.

8:45 – Candice leaves Greentree – The fluid level was too low!  This is called oligohydramnios and it occurs in about 4 percent of pregnancies.  Dr. S wanted me to go directly to the hospital so they could get things started right away.  I called Andy and my mom and headed downtown.

8:45 – Andy frantically gets things ready.

9:00 – Tristan says, “I hope it’s a tiger baby!”

9:26 – Candice arrives at the hospital.

9:48 – In hospital gown.  I can’t remember when Andy arrived exactly, but I got to visit with the kids for a little while until my parents arrived to take them.

10:40 – 2 cm, 60%

11:00 – Started Pitocin.

1:00 – 3 cm, -2

1:45 – Epidural in.  I did not wait for the painful contractions to really get going before requesting the epidural.  I knew from previous experience (Delaney) that it can go downhill very quickly.  Plus my nurse Sam encouraged me to not wait too long.  Due to my scoliosis, there was a whole team of five people involved with the epidural.  They did an ultrasound on my back and it was a teaching moment for everyone.  As it turned out, the site for the epidural was not impacted by the scoliosis so there were no issues.

3:00 – 4 cm, 80%, -2

3:05 – Water broken.  This is when the craziness started.  I remember having my water broken with the other two kids and it was a huge gush.  This was nothing.  There was practically no fluid.  Baby’s heartbeat started decelerating during contractions and they quickly put the oxygen mask on me and told me to take long, deep breaths.  They had me flip to one side, then the other, trying to find a position that was good for the baby.  They took off the external monitors and placed internal ones on the baby.  That way they could monitor the actual strength of the contractions and not lose the baby’s heartbeat.  They also turned off the Pitocin.

3:20Added fluid for baby.  Dr. G did an amnioinfusion, where they added fluid back around the baby.  This was intended to help with the baby’s heart rate decelerations. 

5:00 – 7cm  - We thought it would be soon at this point, but baby was going to keep us waiting a bit longer.  She continued to have decelerations but Dr. G and the nurses were monitoring her closely.  Oxygen for me was on and off, and eventually I was lying on my right side for a long time because no one wanted me to move and anger the baby.  It was a really stressful time for Andy and I.

5:48 – 6cm says the resident doctor.

7:20 – 7cm, 80%, 2 – They drained my bladder in hopes that that was causing the progress to stall.  I really think they were going to give her only two more hours before deciding to proceed to a C-section. 

7:40 – Time for baby! - We were watching The Middle on TV and I could hear the baby’s heart rate monitor begin to slow again.  Everyone came rushing into the room (again) and apparently she was trying to deliver herself!  Everyone quickly got gowns on and prepared for her arrival.  They kept telling me, “Don’t move.”  I laughed.  They said, “Don’t laugh.”  “No really, DON’T LAUGH!” 

7:44 – Baby Stella is here! – It only took one half push and she was out, crying right away.  They held her up and Andy said, “It’s a girl!”  We couldn’t believe it, everyone thought for sure that she would be a boy!  She was 6lb 5 oz and 20 inches long.  Her apgar scores were 9/9.

I seem to remember the cord wrapped all around her and Dr. G and nurse Sharon working to unwrap it.  Andy also remarked later that the placenta didn’t look like a ‘normal’ placenta, which is probably the reason for the low fluid.  Thankfully Stella was born completely healthy!


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39 Week Comparison

My last comparison picture!  Tristan was born just after 39 weeks so I don’t have any pictures past this last one.  I knew I wasn’t as big this time, but this picture really emphasizes that.  I had an ultrasound last week to check the baby’s growth and he/she is definitely on the smaller side.  After meeting with the OB today, she figured we would wait one more week until 40 weeks and then probably induce.  It’s better to have a baby on the outside where we can make sure they’re thriving.  I was hoping to hold off until Thursday, April 2nd, to avoid an April Fool’s Day birthday, but at this point I’d take any day!  The baby passed today’s non-stress test so that is good.  She said not to worry, but it’s tough not to!

I’ve been feeling kind of ‘eh.’  Lots of pelvic pain in the back still.  I really have to take it easy and avoid twisting, walking, bending, lying on my sides, etc.  Basically I sit a lot!  I haven’t packed my bag yet, that should ensure that the baby comes sooner, right?  :)  B-H are getting stronger but that’s normal for me at this point.

The kids are still very excited to meet the baby.  Tristan understands countdowns and every week when I tell him one less week to go, his eyes get really big!  He and Delaney will be great big siblings.

39 week comparison

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Crocheting has always been a thing in my family.  I don’t remember myself, but my mom said that my Great Grandma Ulishney always had a crochet project in her hands while everyone visited every Sunday.  I still have a afghan that she made me (I think for my First Holy Communion?  Mom, is that right?)  She taught my mom how to crochet and I have multiple blankets made by her hands.  Including the plaid afghan I use every night on my bed!

I started a few things when I was younger, but all I really completed were coats for my Pound Puppy.  I made a baby blanket for a co-worker once but needed multiple people to help me finish it in time!  I finally made the commitment to finish a whole blanket last year.  I remembered the basic skills and watched some videos on youtube for a refresher.  It took a while, but I have two complete afghans!  I made them for Tristan and Delaney.  I think they turned out pretty well!









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