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Delaney Faces

This little girl has quite a personality and oftentimes it comes out in her facial expressions!

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Being Happy

I read a blog called Life with Greyson + Parker.  Chrissy writes about her family’s journey with two sons who have autism.  Her blog posts are so inspirational!  And real.  We all have rough days, hard times,  circumstances out of our control

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Five Things

1.  I am now in my third trimester, over 28 weeks, can you believe it?  The months have flown by so quickly.  I’m feeling okay.  I have posterior pelvic pain which hurts like crazy sometimes.  Mostly later in the day and

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26 Weeks Comparison

This is fun!  Here I am at exactly 26 weeks with all three pregnancies. At 26 weeks with Tristan, I wrote that I couldn’t wear my demi-panel cords anymore.  I can guarantee I wasn’t wearing them at 26 weeks with

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Sit on Lap?

I wasn’t a witness to this, but I know Delaney likes to sit on laps.  What else can you do when your chair is upside down!

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Tristan Speaks

Mommy:  (Looking at a picture of a chicken in a book)  We eat chickens, we had chicken for dinner. Tristan: No Mommy, we don’t eat THOSE chickens.  We eat pretend chickens.  We eat people chickens.   Tristan was having trouble

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Tristan and Delaney Speak

Tristan:  Pap doesn’t have a green penguin.  He probably doesn’t even know where to get one.  (The fish pond at Kennywood if anyone is wondering!)   We were asking Delaney lots of silly things. Us: Are you an elephant? D: 

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Station Square

A few weeks ago, we took a little morning trip down to Station Square.  We walked around, rode the incline, and had lunch.  It was a dreary weather day and it actually rained a bit so it wasn’t the best day for pictures,

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4th of July Weekend

We had a great 4th of July weekend this year. Well, great except for the “I need to spend extra time working” part.  We still fit in a lot of fun.  We went to Latrobe to watch the parade.  It

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Zoo Pics

Bonnie sent me a bunch of pictures that she took on our trip to the zoo a few weeks ago!  They are in no particular order.  

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