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39 Week Comparison

My last comparison picture!  Tristan was born just after 39 weeks so I don’t have any pictures past this last one.  I knew I wasn’t as big this time, but this picture really emphasizes that.  I had an ultrasound last

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Baby #3 Picture!

I had an ultrasound today (38 weeks, 4 days) to check on the baby’s growth.  Everything went fine, he/she is right on track.  Weight is estimated at 6lbs 11oz, give or take a pound each direction. The u/s tech tried to get

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33 Week Comparison

I know you’ve all been anxiously waiting on the edge of your seat for a blog update!  Here is a picture of me at 33 weeks all three times.  They were all taken at slightly different angles, but I still feel like

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26 Weeks Comparison

This is fun!  Here I am at exactly 26 weeks with all three pregnancies. At 26 weeks with Tristan, I wrote that I couldn’t wear my demi-panel cords anymore.  I can guarantee I wasn’t wearing them at 26 weeks with

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