Delaney is 9 Months Old

Delaney is 9 months old!

Delaney had a big week right before hitting her 9 month milestone. Her first tooth (on her bottom left side) broke through on August 12th. Then on the 15th she started to crawl! It took her a few days but she got the hang of it very quickly. She is already trying to pull herself up to standing and sometimes she is successful.

Delaney’s next appointment for her 9 month shots isn’t scheduled until September 5th, so 9.5 months really. She did go to the doctor the week before turning 9 months due to a bad case of pink eye. She weighed in at 23 lb 4 oz which is the 99.4 percentile. I can’t wait to see if she is still very tall for her age too.

Delaney does great with night time sleep. She only wakes up when she is sick and even then she just wants to be held for a little bit. We’re working on lying her down slightly awake but it is tough when she is exhausted and she falls asleep as soon as she’s done with her bottle. She likes to roll over onto her left side when we put her in the crib. Sometimes she’s on her belly in the morning and a few times she has been sitting up.

We now feed her stage 3 baby food. She’s not the biggest fan of the chunks. Gramma Deb got her to eat her first puff pieces and at a week past 9 months, she started putting them in her mouth herself!

Clothes are tough right now. 12 month clothes are getting too small but she needs to get through the rest of the summer wearing them. She’s been wearing some of Tristan’s 18 month casual pants around the house. It seems like girl pants fit much tighter, which doesn’t work with a big belly! I’m biding my time now that she’s mobile and will most likely slim down a bit.

Delaney still loves her brother so much. She always wants to check out what he’s doing. If something is in her way, she’ll lean out really far so she can see what’s going on. She loves to laugh along with anyone else laughing. She has her regular normal laugh as well as a cackling laugh which is so funny.

Bath time was getting to be a big mess in the baby tub. Delaney learned to splash and water was going everywhere. It was time to make the switch to the big tub! She and Tristan can now take a bath together. He does a good job of sharing bath toys with her and she likes to inch closer to him and look over his shoulder to see what he’s playing with.

Delaney is a tough little girl. You have to be with an older brother! Tristan can get a little rough with her at times. He knocks her over, tries to sit in her lap, and a few times has tried to play motorcycle by sitting on her back. Most of the time she takes it in stride; cries usually ensue if she repeatedly gets knocked over or if her face gets smushed.

Things Delaney loves: All things Tristan, pursing her lips and sniffing with her nose, splashing water, crawling, patty cake, peek a boo, fruit foods, touching mama’s hair when she’s going to sleep, playing with whatever Tristan is playing with, giving hugs.

Things Delaney hates: Nose wipes, eye wipes, having her hair put back in the barrette when it slips out, having her hands or feet held (which makes nail clipping time a nightmare).

8 Months:















9 Months:











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  1. Gramma says:

    Look at those Cheeks!!!!!

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