Letter to Baby #2

Dear Baby,

We’ve made it!  Forty weeks today.  I thought for sure you would be born a little early (I had November 1st in my mind) but that date has come and gone.  Now we just wait patiently for you to make your arrival.  Will it be this evening during rush hour and home Steeler game traffic?

Once upon a time we didn’t know if we’d be able to have any kids at all and along came Tristan.  I was trying to mentally prepare myself to be the mom of only one when I started to feel under the weather.  Your daddy said he knew but I didn’t want to get my hopes up!  It was such a happy day when we realized you would be joining our family.

The past 40 weeks have been very uneventful, just the way we like it!  The one downside to no complications this time was no extra ultrasounds.  We have so many pictures of Tristan before he was born but only two of you.  I get to hear your heartbeat every week at my doctor appointments but we didn’t need to track it over time with non-stress tests.

I’m happy to say your dad and I feel very confident about your arrival.  When Tristan was born, everything was new to us.  Diaper changes, feedings, how to give him a bath.  Now we’re old pros and you will reap the benefits.

My only worry is how your big brother will adjust to having a sibling after being an only child for 17 months.  I know he will be fine and will be glad for a playmate but I’m still a little nervous.  Just don’t wake him up at night, okay?  Let’s all plan to sleep 12 hours straight.  :)

As joyful as Tristan has made our lives, I can’t even imagine what fun two of you together will bring to our family.  We cannot wait to meet you very soon! 


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