Delaney is 10 Months Old!

Delaney is 10 months old!

Delaney had her 9 month pediatrician visit this month.  She weighed 23 lbs (95th percentile) and measured 29.75 inches (98th percentile.)  She is the size of an average 14 month old girl.   About a week before her appointment we noticed something else great – her eye was no longer goopy!  The tear duct opened on its own so no eye doctor or surgery needed.

She’s made a lot of progress this past month with movement.  Delaney is crawling – fast!  She can pull up to standing and can squat down to pick something up.  She quickly found the walk-behind toy and can toddle across the room room with it.  Then she looks at us to turn her around so she can keep going.

Delaney is pretty much wearing 18-24 clothes now.  12-18 shirts are not long enough for her and the pants are too tight around her legs and belly.  Size 24 pants are a little long but not by much!

We’ve transitioned Delaney to real food.  She started eating Cheerios at day care so we told them to give her the full meal plan.  She loves it!  She wasn’t liking the stage 3 baby food anyway.  There’s really no food so far that she doesn’t like.  She likes chicken, shredded cheese, pasta, peaches, bananas rolled in graham cracker crumbs, turkey tacos, cottage cheese, goldfish, carrots, broccoli, pretty much anything we put on her tray.  She also learned how to drink from a sippy cup.  One day she picked up Tristan’s cup, tipped it up, and started drinking.  Transition accomplished!

Delaney has gotten very snuggly over the past month.  She will come over and put her head on us constantly.  She does this thing where she crawls over, put her hands on our shoulders and gets up to standing, then put her knee on our lap.  It’s her sign for “hold me!”

Delaney loves to chase Tristan around the house.  Sometimes we find them giggling and laughing and going around and around the kitchen island together.  Tristan will crawl under the dining room table and yell, “Come here, Dee Dee!”  She starts laughing and takes off to join him.  Delaney loves playing with whatever he’s doing at the time.  She is a Tristan shadow.  They play lego blocks together, read books, play the piano, and dump things out.

Things Delaney Loves:  Her pacifier, stealing Tristan’s sippy cups, the remote control, playing with balls, wagon rides, kitchen utensils, talking loud, pointing at things, and kisses.

Things Delaney Hates:  Having her feet touched, Tristan’s McQueen and Mater cars that shoot across the floor (she’ll pick them up but when she hears them start up, she quickly puts them down and crawls away,) having her mouth and hands wiped after meals, and diaper changes.









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