Delaney is 11 Months Old

11 Months!

I can’t believe we’re already preparing for her first birthday party. She has grown up so fast. Something happened this month and she looks more like a toddler than a baby to me.

Delaney hasn’t been sick (knock on wood!) so we haven’t had any doctor appointments to check her weight. I swear she grows overnight though. She’s solidly in 24 month clothes. The outfit she has on in the pictures below is 18 month and the pants don’t button. The top is actually a dress!

Delaney is still eating like a champ. She LOVES cow’s milk. She spots Tristan’s sippy cup of milk and will do whatever it takes to get to it. The only think she didn’t like this month was enchiladas, only because they were a little spicy, I think.

She is doing great walking with push toys. She loves to have her hands held so she can walk all over the house. She tries to stand without assistance, which always includes throwing her arms up into the air. “Look, no hands!” It won’t be long before she’s walking on her own.

Having an older brother can be rough sometimes. Literally. Now that she moves around and doesn’t look like a ‘baby’, Tristan sees her more as a peer. He tries to wrestle with her and she gets pushed around a bit. Delaney holds her own though. She’s starting to push back!

Delaney loves to be held. Her favorite thing is to be carried around so she can point at things. She likes to be around people and will follow if you leave the room. Regarding toys, she likes whatever Tristan is playing with. She also likes to read books on her own. Many times we turn around and find her in the reading corner, emptying the shelves of books, and paging through each one.

Nicknames: Dee Dee, Deeders

Things Delaney likes:  Being held, cheese, milk, hugs, joining us in the bathroom, walks outside, riding in shopping carts, talking in her crib when she wakes up in the morning.

Things Delaney hates:  Not being held, missing a pacifier, having toys taken from her, people leaving the room.












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