Delaney is 6 Months Old!

It’s only 8 months late, but I’m finally ready to post all of Delaney’s monthly updates!  I have a picture editing backlog like you wouldn’t believe.

Delaney is six months old!  She is growing up way too fast.

Her 6 month appointment at the pediatrician is in a few weeks so I don’t have her stats yet.  I took her to the urgent care last week for a bad cough (which ended up being bronchiolitis) and she weighed 18 lbs 9 oz.  **Update – her six month stats are 28.25 inches (100th percentile) and 20 lb (93rd).  Big girl!

Delaney is firmly in size 6-12 month clothes.  She can even go up to 12-18 month pants if they’re not stretchy because she has chunky legs that are tough to get them over.

Delaney is still a great sleeper.  She hit a rough patch around 4 months.  She was waking up more and more during the night and unable to put herself back to sleep on her own.  We tried sleep training with her and it worked so well and very quickly.  She now sleeps from 7:30 or 8:00 PM until around 6:00 – 6:30 AM.  Sometimes she’ll wake up a little earlier and want to eat (after 5:00) and sometimes she’ll sleep a little later.  Naps are unpredictable.  She still takes very short naps at day care, around 25 minutes each.  At home sometimes she’ll sleep longer, several hours if she’s lucky.

Delaney loves food!  We started her on cereal at 4 months and puree food at 5 months.  She was really hungry and wanting to drink full bottles every hour and a half.  I think she was going through a growth spurt around 5.5 months too.  She was drinking 20 oz of formula at day care, 5 Tbsp of cereal, 1.5 stage one jars, and I was breastfeeding her another five times.  Every day!  She has returned to normal levels, around 24 oz of formula per day plus me feeding her only twice.

Delaney is doing great physically.  She rolled over for the first time on May 14th!  She was on the bath mat in the bathroom and tried to reach a toy above her head.  She ended up with her bare belly on the tile floor.  It might have been a fluke though, she hasn’t repeated it.  Delaney is now able to sit on her own!  Last week she decided she didn’t need any support and could stay up on her own.  She’s still not a fan of tummy time, she tends to just lie there with her face in the carpet.  She is doing an awesome job holding toys, leaning out to grab them, and passing them from one hand to another.

We had a rough patch with bath time but now that she can sit up, she likes it a lot more.   Lying her back in the sling was a screamfest for quite a while.  Delaney has the.loudest.cry.ever.  If she’s crying, you can’t hear yourself think, she’s so loud.  Dada taught her how to cackle laugh a few weeks ago, it’s so funny.  She seems very ticklish around her neck and belly.

Delaney is generally a happy baby.  While Tristan was content to be held all day every day, sometimes Delaney wants down.  She’ll arch her back and wiggle around until we put her down.  She is easily distracted while drinking her bottles so sometimes it takes her a little while to finish them.  She doesn’t want to miss anything!  She’s also a little difficult to put down for a nap for the same reason.  We haven’t gotten to the place where she can be put down drowsy for a nap yet.

Delaney loves Tristan!  She lights up when she sees him and smiles when she hears him talk.  She laughs when he laughs and cries when he cries.  Now that she can hold things, they can begin to ‘play’ together.  He likes to make sure she has a burp cloth and even tried to feed her once when he found one of her spoons.  He alerts us when she spits up which is always nice.  I took Delaney shopping this weekend to get flowers from Lowe’s and I sat her in the cart for the first time.  She reacted just like Tristan – she didn’t move a muscle the whole time.  She looked around and took it all in.

Nicknames:  Most of the time we call her Delaney or Dee Dee.  I call her sweetie pie and sometimes she’s a little bear too.

Things Delaney Likes:  Pulling hair, banging on her bottle while drinking, being naked, pears, sweet potatoes, and bananas, mama beatboxing, Tristan laughing, toys (especially ones that make a crackle noise), sitting outside, and the song “Barbara Ann”.

Things Delaney Does Not Like:  Being hungry, peas, getting her sleep sack on, having her nails files, people touching her feet

Four Months:








Five Months:







Six Months: _DSC4309_Web










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