Delaney is 7 Months Old

Delaney is 7 months old!

She is such a happy girl. Her smile lights up her whole face.

At her 6 month appointment on June 4th, she got a clean bill of health and did fine with her shots. I thought she’d sleep more that day but she didn’t. Delaney’s right eye still has a blocked tear duct. Dr. S. said that if it’s still blocked at 9 months, she will recommend seeing a optomologist. No teeth yet but her bottom incisior teeth are getting close.

Delaney still does great with night time sleep. Her bedtime is around 7:30pm and she gets up somewhere between 6 and 6:30am. Sometimes she wakes for a bottle at 5:30am but that has become less frequent. Delaney is still difficult to get to sleep sometimes. She will be asleep in your arms but will wake up as soon as you lay her down. Most of the time she does well though. If she’s at day care she usually takes two short naps and then falls asleep on the car ride home. Otherwise she’s getting down to two longer naps when she’s at home. Sometimes a pacifier will help her fall asleep but other times it just makes her angry.

Delaney is now eating cereal three times per day plus 1.5 to 2 jars of stage 2 food. She is now wearing size 4 diapers. She’s also outgrowing her size 12 clothes! Dresses still fit fine but pants are tight around her middle and shirts are getting too short. I will be pulling out Tristan’s size 18 tight-fit pajamas for her soon. I put a pair of size 3 shoes on her feet for a picture, but she has a lot of cute chub on the top of her feet so they were pretty tight.

Delaney can now roll! She first rolled back to front and a little later she went front to back. She still gets hung up on her arms but if she tries enough times, she can make it happen. She’s a champion sitter and can go from sitting to her belly if she reaches out too far for a toy. She LOVES her jumpers and can really get moving up and down. She’s practicing standing and holding onto our hands but she hasn’t taken any steps yet.

Delaney can clap her hands and shake her head side to side. She loves to stick out her tongue especially when eating food. She is quite the talker and still very loud. She can say ma-ma, ba-ba, blah-blah, and sometimes da-da. She twirls her hair in her fingers especially when she’s drinking a bottle and getting sleepy. She pulls it down into her face and rubs it into her eyes if she’s extra tired. Delaney loves touching things, like the books with furry animals on the pages. She will reach out and explore with her pointer fingers.

Nicknames: Dee Dee, Deedster.  Tristan is getting better at saying Delaney! It kind of sounds like de-ain-y.

Things Delaney loves: Toys! Tristan doing anything, laughing, being tickled, bottle time, splashing water out of her bath tub, pulling mama’s hair, being held when she wants to be held, being put down when she wants down.

Thanks Delaney hates: Boogies, mama leaving the room, waking up with a pirate eye.
















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