Adventures in Sewing

I read a lot of home decorating blogs and one thing they all have in common is really nice throw pillows.  When I head out to my local stores, they must hide the cool pillows in the back.  Or else they see me coming and slap on hefty price tags.  With our unknown medical expenses, I’m trying to save every bit of money possible, so a $40 pillow is not in the budget.
Since I have a sewing machine, two hands, and the ability to follow directions when not written on a recipe card, I decided to make my own pillow cover.  I think I can call it a success!  The sewing machine did not smoke, I didn’t break the needle, and the pillow form now has a cover that I can zip off.  Unfortunately, I made it a little too big and the fabric stretched a little after use, so I need a larger pillow form to fill it out properly.  Otherwise, I think it turned out pretty well.
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One comment on “Adventures in Sewing
  1. Lisa says:

    Looks great! Jealous of your sewing abilities.

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