Crocheting has always been a thing in my family.  I don’t remember myself, but my mom said that my Great Grandma Ulishney always had a crochet project in her hands while everyone visited every Sunday.  I still have a afghan that she made me (I think for my First Holy Communion?  Mom, is that right?)  She taught my mom how to crochet and I have multiple blankets made by her hands.  Including the plaid afghan I use every night on my bed!

I started a few things when I was younger, but all I really completed were coats for my Pound Puppy.  I made a baby blanket for a co-worker once but needed multiple people to help me finish it in time!  I finally made the commitment to finish a whole blanket last year.  I remembered the basic skills and watched some videos on youtube for a refresher.  It took a while, but I have two complete afghans!  I made them for Tristan and Delaney.  I think they turned out pretty well!









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  1. terry fishburn says:

    love the colors!

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