Baby’s Room!

Baby M’s room is finally complete!  We’re still looking for a small table to put next to the chair, but otherwise everything is done.

The two dressers in the room are the ones that Bonnie and I used growing up that I refinished last summer/fall.

All of his books and owls!

Two beautiful afghans from Andy’s stepmom Debbie.

The bed skirt that I made myself.  The second bed skirt because the first one went into the trash.  Even Barky gets to hang out on the dresser with Nemo for a while!  The afghan hanging on the crib was made by my mom.

Please excuse the white block above the closet.  Baby M’s name is up there in block letters!  I blocked off the whole thing so that you couldn’t guess by the length.  :P
It’s really difficult to take a picture of the underside of a mobile!  I bought the mobile at a consignment sale and only used the frame portion.  I made the blue covers out of the bedskirt material and the owls/tree out of felt.

I found this lamp on Target online, but it came with a black shade.  I bought a plain white shade from IKEA recovered it in orange fabric.

I saw this idea on a blog somewhere and copied it.  I made it using a shadow box, scrapbook paper, and an owl shaped stamp.

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One comment on “Baby’s Room!
  1. Ms. C says:

    This is absolutely a-friggin-dorable. You’re so creative with the mobile and owl art shadow box. Baby M will love it!

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