Michael and Kara’s

A few weeks ago we went to Michael and Kara’s to help them put in patio stone sidewalks. It’s a lot harder than just slapping down a few stones!  Here is a before picture.  They had already ripped out the stepping stone sidewalk and put down the base layers.

Michael using the stone cutting saw.  It wasn’t the warmest day so the plastic shield was a necessity. 

Donut break.

My mom, who installed a lot of the stones while everyone else carried them to her.

This is what I did most of the time.  :)

Michael using the 100lb tamper.  It might have weighed more or less but either way it was really heavy.

Wheelbarrow in the middle of the street!

The mostly finished product!  They did the front walk while I was out to lunch with friends.  (It’s not like I was much help anyway!)

It started to rain and we had to leave, so I didn’t get any final shots with the stone dust washed off.  There were five different kinds of stone in the pattern.

The curved part required a lot of cut stones. 

When I’m at their house next, I’ll take some true finished product pics!
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2 comments on “Michael and Kara’s
  1. Amy says:

    It looks like it turned out very nice!

    I do have to say that I giggled when I noticed that the only real picture of Andy is the one of him eating a donut :)

  2. Katie says:

    I have to agree with Amy. How much did Andy actually help with this project?!? I know that if Dave were there…he would be doing very little helping. He would be the one sitting and I might have been the one helping!

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