So I started taking some classes at the gym.  One class is called 3-2-1.  It was a combination of pain and torture, using peer pressure and mirrors to keep you going.  The other class I’ve taken is yoga.  I always considered myself to be a flexible person.  I can do the warrior pose and hold it for a while.  I can touch my toes without bending my knees, something that my sister has never been able to do.  (Sorry Bon!)
The class is comprised of people exhibiting a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and ability.  (I almost exhibited a bit too much with the low cut sports bra ensemble that I was wearing…)  The class is mostly women, with one or two exceptions.  I like to call the one gentleman Super Yoga Man.  He’s a thin, slight man, probably in his later 40’s.  Dressed in his Walmart sweatpants, SYM takes the class very seriously.  He arrives early to do extra stretching and meditation before class.
In this week’s class, Maggie, the instructor, showed us how to do an inversion pose – the headstand.  We were instructed not to attempt the headstand unless we have been working on it outside of class, but just to try the setup.  This is what a headstand looks like when you’ve mastered the yoga pose:
If I had a picture of a crumpled up mess of arms in the wrong position, hair half in and out of the ponytail, trying not to flash everyone with my lowcut neckline, panic because the mat is making my hair staticky, legs barely an inch off the mat kicking wildly to the sides…  Let’s just say they don’t make pictures of what I was doing.  The worst part was when I glanced over and saw SYM hanging out upside down in a perfect headstand for about three minutes. 
Improving my yoga skills is my new goal.  Yoga can improve your endocrine system, and I will take all the help I can get with that.  Perhaps one day I can get into the headstand pose without breaking my neck.  You can find me on the opposite side of the room from SYM because super bendy men in their bare feet and elastic-bottom sweatpants creep me out!
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3 comments on “Ommmmm
  1. Andy says:

    Haha, I like the pain and torture class. I take a variation of it myself. At least SYM was wearing sweat pants and not tiny shorts.

  2. Good luck with the yoga! It has been recommended to me as well, but I don’t think I will be standing on my head anytime soon!!

  3. tfish says:

    i’m cheering for you, candice!

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