Five Things

1.  I am now in my third trimester, over 28 weeks, can you believe it?  The months have flown by so quickly.  I’m feeling okay.  I have posterior pelvic pain which hurts like crazy sometimes.  Mostly later in the day and during the night.  Sometimes stretching helps, sometimes it doesn’t.

We don’t have names picked out yet, which is driving me crazy!  Andy said he is mulling it over.  Tristan is still stuck on Cannonball, and Delaney seems to prefer Baby or Baby Margaret.

2.  Tristan and I went to see the Harlem Globetrotters over Christmas.  He LOVED being at Consol Energy Center and ran from picture to picture of the Penguins in the hallway.  Our box was half empty so we had room to spread out.  He liked the basketball part of the show, but got bored when they did the antics in between.  We stayed until our chicken fingers and fries were gone and then we were ready to go.  I put in a request for Monster Jam tickets next month, fingers crossed that I am selected and we can attend that as well.

3. Delaney has a fun new thing lately.  Now that she’s learned how to pull down her pants for potty (still working on actually going on the potty), she likes to take her clothes off.  And diaper.  She especially likes to unzip one-piece pj’s.  Last night she took everything off and was fine watching her before-bedtime show in the nude.  I made her sit on Andy’s side of the bed, not mine!  :P

4.   I recently gave DIY laundry detergent a try.  I hated paying so much for something that we literally wash down the drain.  I found this recipe from Pretty Handy Girl and whipped up a batch.  I must say, it works really well!  Borax, washing soda, and fels naptha soap, all found for under $10 at Walmart.  I gave some to my mom and I think she likes it as well, she requested a refill.

5. I have some ideas for the new baby’s room.  I think we’re going to do a nautical theme in navy/green for a boy or navy/coral for a girl.  I’m trying to pull together the details now so that we’re ready to execute later.  Does anyone know where to buy plain white curtains without grommets?  I checked IKEA but theirs are more off-white than white.

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