Five Things

1.  Today is day #3 that Tristan went to school wearing underwear!  He did so great the past two days, no accidents there at all.  Miss Peggy took him to the treasure chest yesterday to celebrate.  I ordered him some pull-up jeans today to make the process a little easier for him.

2.  I had an eye appointment yesterday.  Having your eyes dilated is no fun!  I was okay in the office but when I walked out into sunlight I was seriously blinded.  I went back to work and then realized I couldn’t focus my eyes enough to read!  I wasn’t thrilled with the results of my appointment but at least I went (for the first time in probably ten years) and I have a plan of action.

3.  When is spring going to arrive?  I am waiting.  It hasn’t snowed in days and we’re still trying to get the ice/snow/slush mess off of our driveway.  Tristan likes to help with his sand shovel.  Yesterday, melted snow had refrozen the whole way down the sloped portion.  We slid down and luckily didn’t go off into the grass.  Anti-lock brakes get kids’ attention.  “What was that??!  What’s wrong, Mommy??”

4.  Does anyone have experience buying a playground set for the backyard?  (Kim?)  Where to buy, what to look for?  What accessories do kids like best?  Some of them have a window/counter area underneath which I think is pretty cool.  I liked playing store when I was little.  We would like to get one for the kids this summer.  And have Pap spend the weekend helping us put it together!

5.  I ran out of time for #5.  :)

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