Five Things

1.  This past weekend I volunteered at a consignment sale.  Last year I volunteered at one closer to home, but this sale allowed me to volunteer without having to take time off work.  I’ll also be able to shop the pre-sale for volunteers on Wednesday evening.  I’m so excited!  I hope to find lots of clothes for the kids, maybe some crocs for summer, a hat or two for playing outside.  I’ll also look through the toys for good deals.  I have a hard time thinking forward to what they’re going to want to play with next though.

2.  JCPenney hates me.  I keep planning to go to the store and buy the white blazer I like but they never have in-store coupons on Wednesdays, the day I always want to go.  I should have used the coupon and bought it online with free ship-to-store.  It takes 4-7 days but I could then pick it up whenever I wanted.  Why is this so difficult?

3. Update to #2 – I got a 15% off coupon in the mail so Tristan and I headed to the mall on Saturday.  Surprise, the blazer was part of a doorbuster sale and marked down extra.  Originally $60, sale $44.99, door buster $34.  With my coupon it came to $28.  Good deal!

4.  Tristan and I stopped at the pet store and we almost left with a cat.  He loved them!  (Truth be told, I did too.)  Here he is with the fish.


He also loved the tower of World Cup soccer balls at Dick’s Sporting Goods.  He kept running around and around the display.  The kids both loved the warmer weather we had last week.  We brought out some balls and they’ve been digging in the sand box.  Delaney brings us her shoes and coat when she wants to go out, it’s so cute.


5.  I pulled out a book of fairy tales and started reading some this week to the kids.  Goldilocks and the Three Bears was good.    The Three Little Pigs was okay, but I had to sub in “the pig ran away when the wolf blew down his house” instead of “the wolf gobbled up the pig.”  Little Red Riding Hood was the worst.  The wolf ate grandma!  And the girl!  Then the woodcutter cuts open the wolf and out they pop, safe and sound, and they all eat dinner.  (Wolf stew, most likely!)  Next time I will pre-read a few so that I’m prepared with story substitutions.

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  1. Bonnie says:

    ooooo a kitttten! yes!!!

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