Five Things

1.  Silence on the blog lately.  It’s been a busy few weeks!  Our five year anniversary was on May 16th.  Andy and I spent quality alone time at the Med Express.  I came down with an inner ear infection (different than the middle ear infections that the kids get.)  It was HORRIBLE.  The first four days I was dizzy at all times.  The doctor described it as being drunk without the feeling good part.  I started to get some relief after that, but I’m still in recovery mode.  Certain things will throw off my balance and make me feel bad, such as carrying a bag on one shoulder or turning my head too quickly.  It could take weeks or months before that finally goes away.

2.  We made a visit to Indiana a few weeks ago to visit family.  The kids did great on the ride out; not so great on the ride home.  They had a great time visiting with all of their grandparents, cousins, and friends.  We also went to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum.  I’ll try to do a post soon with a bunch of pictures!

3.  We visited the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum over Memorial Day weekend.  It was the perfect time because no one was there that day.  We were in the toddler area 45 minutes with no other people there!

4.  Yesterday, Tristan requested blueberry pancakes for dinner.  I’m not sure if he has ever asked for a specific meal before.  Unfortunately, he had eaten the last of our frozen blueberries the day before.  I’m not even sure they’re for sale in grocery stores right now.  So off to Bob Evans we went!  They have blueberry pancakes on the kid’s menu which comes with 5 pancakes.  Tristan ate 4 of them!  He loved every bite.

5.  We have a lot coming up in June including a family trip to Idlewild.  And when I say family, I mean the whole extended family.  I think Tristan and Delaney will absolutely love it.  Hopefully it will turn out to be a nice day and we can go to Soak Zone too.  Going to Idlewild on Elliot picnic day was always a highlight of my summer growing up; I hope T&D will begin to have good memories there too!

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