Five Things

1.  I saw this quote somewhere and knew it was words for me to live by:  “If you’re not sure if it’s in style, it’s probably not.”  I began a closet purge but haven’t finished it yet.  Andy is helping, thankfully, or I wouldn’t throw anything away!

2.  Has anyone been getting the spam telephone calls from Grenada or Antigua/Barbuda?  They call and hang up after one ring, hoping you call them back so they can charge $30 on your phone bill.  I’ve gotten several calls on my cell number.  If they’re going to call from Antigua, the least they could do is offer me a free vacation.

3.  We went to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History this weekend.  Aunt Bonnie and Brian came along!  Tristan enjoyed the dinosaurs.  At one point he was equipped with safety goggles, a chisel, magnifying glass, and brush and he and I went digging for fossils.  The parents in that area were a little nutso.  Your child isn’t making a huge scientific discovery, back off a little!

4.  I kind of made a mess out of our living room carpet.  When Delaney had a virus a few weeks ago, she vomited on the carpet.  That poor carpet.  It is 13 years old, very light in color, and both babies were spitters so it’s not in the best shape.  I used OxyClean to clean the mess, and also used it on a few other dirty spots.  That left white cheetah spots.  It stands out worse than the dirt!

5.  TV Talk – I am excited for The Walking Dead to return on Sunday and we’ve been watching Downton Abbey which I really enjoy.  My cousins and sister have gotten me back into General Hospital this week.  Plus the Olympics are about to start!  One of our favorites is the biathlon, aka ski and shoot.  The one thing I hate though is how they air all of the popular events late at night.  Those of us with 5:45 alarms and toddlers who might wake up at any time of night cannot stay up until midnight…

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