Here are some of the things that I’ve baked or made over the past few months.  Homemade applesauce using apples from grandma and pap’s trees.

Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, recipe provided by my friend Colleen.

Filled pizzeles that I made for our neighborhood cookie exchange.  I wasn’t super happy with the icing but they were edible.

Here are the results of the cookie exchange.  Everything tasted great.

I didn’t make any of the following food items, but I did eat them! 
The table after Christmas Eve dinner.  I wish I had gotten a picture of Joey’s famous pirohy!


A wonderful shot of a butter brick, courtesy of Sam’s Club.

 A one of a kind entree, “fish with spilled Zinfandel.”  Haha!

Uncle Joe’s cookie spread, nut rolls made by Grandma K.

My mom’s cookie tray on Christmas Day.

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One comment on “Food
  1. Lisa A. says:

    I want one of those chocolate chip cookies right now! Remember that time we made chocolate chip cookies? Yeah, my baking has not improved much since then!

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