Landscaping 2012

We had a landscaper come to the house last night to put together a quote on what we want done with our front yard.  We’ve decided to reduce the amount of landscaping and plant grass instead.  The area is huge, it costs a lot to mulch, and even after spending a few hundred dollars last year, we haven’t even made a dent in the amount of plants that it needs.

We’ve decided to leave the landscaping on the right side and move the rocks from the left to the right and form two sort of rock lines that we can plant higher plants behind.

Here are some VERY ROUGH pictures of what we envision.

On the left side, we will keep the Japenese Maple behind the utility box as well as some grassy plants I planted last year.  (These are really old pictures.)  We’ll keep the cherry tree that’s below the edge of the house.  We also want to plant a tree near the corner/side of the house.  The green area will be changed to grass.

Here’s the center section.  The yellow shrubs are already gone.  The right side of my green lines is the start of where we’ll leave the landscaping.

This picture show the far right side.  The gray blobs are where we’ll put the extra rocks with plans behind them.

I’m a little worried about what the quote will be from the first landscaper we contacted.  We have an idea in mind of what we think it should be, but I have a feeling it will be much higher!

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