Spring Landscaping

Let’s refresh our memories of what my front yard looked like when we moved in last May.  When you couldn’t actually see the house due to the massive shurbs and trees.

Fast forward about a month, after we spent a TON of time in the yard with hedge clippers, loppers, 40 wheelbarrow loads of trimmings, etc.

It looks 100% better, but it’s still an overgrown forest.  The shrubs can’t be cut back any further because they are only green on the outside; the interiors are brown and dead.  It’s hard to tell the size from the pictures, but the bigger shrubs are as tall as me!  In the summer, you can’t see our house from the road unless you are looking straight at it from the front.  When compared to everyone else’s perfectly manicured landscaping on the street, ours looks very out of place.
So a few weeks ago, my parents spent a day at our house with chainsaws and a chipper.  I wasn’t able to do much, but everyone else put in a great effort to cut down the trees and 4 of the giant shrubs.  The next weekend, Andy cut down 3 more.  We planted our first tree, a pink weeping cherry.  I love it!  This past weekend we bought a bunch of perennials that we’ll soon plant, but here are the ‘after’ pictures so far.  You can actually see our house!

A Possible Plan:  We might remove a large area of mulch on the left side.  There is just way too much.  We’re going to plant some tall growing grasses around the utility boxes.  The tree behind the boxes will remain and we’ll put mulch around it.  We also want to plan a tree off the corner of the house at the top of the hill. 
The flower bed will curve around closer to the cherry tree and rocks.  Now that I’m look at this sweet edited photo, I think a few more of the shrubs will be cut down very soon to make room for my new perennials!  I can’t remember the names of what we bought, but I definitely got mediterranian pink heather and may night salvia plants.  Another type of lighter purple flowering perennial, three more shrub-like plants, and some ground cover to place below the rocks that you can see in the picture to match what is planted closer to the driveway.
The Probable Plan:  We are undertaking a lot of projects this year.  Removing mulch areas, filling in with top soil, replanting grass, etc. is too much to take on right now.  After much discussion, we’re leaning toward planting in the current area and revisiting the redesign in later years.
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