Christmas 2013

I finally edited our Christmas pictures! We also took a lot of video on Christmas morning so I don’t have a ton of shots.  Delaney and Andy stayed at my parents’ house on Christmas Eve because she had a fever due to an ear infection.  So they are missing from that celebration.

Blake and Pap.


Tristan pops in.


Michael making a pretty face!


Joey, fix the train!  Three little boys in their button downs.


This bear is a staple on Christmas Eve.  He was fixed up a few years ago (involving wires and pliers) and he still plays music!


Katie and Greyson.







Me and my little guy.


After dinner, all good!  He really liked the potato soup this year.  And the best ever mushrooms.





Brian with baby Luke.


Aunt Kristin and April.


Me and Bon.



The cousins!  Missing 8 people though.


Christmas morning!  Tristan checking out his new train set.  Santa worked long and hard to set it up.





Once he got rolling, Tristan really enjoyed unwrapping gifts.



Dee Dee wasn’t in the best mood but she did have a lot of fun.



Eating cookies!





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One comment on “Christmas 2013
  1. Gramma says:

    Christmas just gets better every year!

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