Friday Update (With Some Pictures!)

Happy Friday!

Lots of good things happening here.  Tristan started a Mighty Kicks soccer program at day care.  He came home very excited about being able to play with the big kids.  He will also begin transitioning to the preschool room next week on his birthday.  I know he will love the new toys to play with, more advanced activities, and being with his friend Logan again.

Delaney is doing great also.  She had her 18 month well-visit and she’s in the 90th percentile for height and 95th for weight.  Our pediatrician said now was the time to take away the pacifier.  Yikes!  In less than a week’s time, Delaney learned to live without a me-me.  So proud of her!  She still asks for it occasionally when she’s upset but we tell her me-mees are gone and she’s a big girl now, only babies need me-mees.

Recent pictures of the kids!






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One comment on “Friday Update (With Some Pictures!)
  1. Andy says:

    Oh man. I love that last picture of Tristan. So handsome, even with those crazy Daddy eyebrows!

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