A Great Weekend Outside

We had an awesome weekend!  The weather was perfect and we spent most of it outdoors.  We celebrated Andy’s birthday with an Oreo ice cream cake.


Eating special Uncle Sam’s lunch outside.


I went to a birthday party with the kids, but I didn’t get any pictures there.  It was hard enough keeping track of the two of them!  When we got home they were wired from cake and ice cream and they decided they were still hungry.  8pm mac and cheese!  Tristan wanted a bib and all I had available was one of Delaney’s.  He thought it was hilarious!



Delaney’s ‘pick me up’ face!



Running man, he’s hard to catch.


Checking out the playset.  He likes to climb to the top and yell, “Anyone?”


Delaney rearranging the furniture.


I got a few shots of the two of them together in the early morning light.




Playing in the sandbox.  Tristan was SO excited to have his digger out.


Shish kabobs on the grill for dinner!  One of our favorites.  Tristan loved the pineapple (my little fruit man) and Delaney preferred the smoked sausage and peppers.


Sleepy girl.


No shoes!





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2 comments on “A Great Weekend Outside
  1. grandma terry says:

    there is so much to love about this post, I don’t know where to begin. Delaney’s hair looking so long, and she is starting to slim down. Tristan looking so tall and happy in the sunshine. bare feet in april! bedtime snacks. great looking tricycle. oreo cake. Tristan in pull-ups. great backyard. can’t wait to see you all!!!

  2. Gramma says:

    Oh my goodness! Such great pictures! Tristan getting to be such a grown up boy and Delaney… Make that “pick me up face” and this Gramma is there! I especially love the ” don’t mess with me face” directed at Tristan! Lol

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