Happy Birthday to me!  Being 29 is really nice.  :)

We had a great weekend.  We went to the zoo yesterday with my parents and Bonnie.  Everyone had a great time!  Tristan said he liked the “stinky elephants” the best.  Here is the only picture I took, oops.


We also hit up some nearby garage sales.  Tristan got a Lego spaceship.  He’s allowed to play with it when Delaney is sleeping and he loves taking it apart, piece by piece.  We also found out it’s not a great idea to go to garage sales with Delaney.  She threw the biggest tantrum ever when leaving a house with a Barbie RV/kitchen.  The girl selling it had it all set up and Delaney loved all the little pieces.  She was screaming so loud in the car!  As we drove past other sales, everyone stopped and turned to look at us.  We had to go home for a me-me.


We did find a dresser that we bought – for only $5!  I’ll do my magic and paint it and we’ll use it in our upstairs hallway or the guest room.  We couldn’t pass it up.  Now I just have to make the time to work on it…

Does anyone have a great recommendation for sheetz sheets?  We have a set of Wamsutta 100% cotton sheets that we love.  Well, we loved them until this happened last night.  My foot when right through the fitted sheet!


I went to the Bed Bath and Beyond site and it seems this happens to many, many other people who have bought Wamsutta sheets.  They were probably less than three years old.  :(  I still use some pink pillow cases that I think were from Bonnie’s childhood set, they are probably 20+ years old!  I wish I could get my hands on a king set of those.  They don’t make ‘em like they used to.


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