Baby #3 Picture!

I had an ultrasound today (38 weeks, 4 days) to check on the baby’s growth.  Everything went fine, he/she is right on track.  Weight is estimated at 6lbs 11oz, give or take a pound each direction.

The u/s tech tried to get a good picture of him/her, but they were holding a hand in front of their face the whole time.  This is the best one we got!  Looks like some chubby cheeks like Delaney?  The tech said she could see some hair as well.

So what do you think, does it look like a boy or a girl?

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Delaney Faces

This little girl has quite a personality and oftentimes it comes out in her facial expressions!






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Being Happy

I read a blog called Life with Greyson + Parker.  Chrissy writes about her family’s journey with two sons who have autism.  Her blog posts are so inspirational!  And real.  We all have rough days, hard times,  circumstances out of our control that are overwhelming.  Chrissy shows that life can still be amazing if we choose to focus on the good things.

This recent post really stuck with me, Being Happy.  Read it!  And then do it.  Choose to be happy.  I do!  Life is way too short to be unhappy.

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33 Week Comparison

I know you’ve all been anxiously waiting on the edge of your seat for a blog update!  Here is a picture of me at 33 weeks all three times.  They were all taken at slightly different angles, but I still feel like I’m more compact and carrying higher up this time.

I haven’t felt very good lately, I have posterior pelvic pain that gets worse as the day goes on.  I try to sit very straight because anything that twists me a little makes the pain worse.  I roll onto my back while I’m sleeping and wake up nauseous.  Luckily that’s usually only once, maybe twice, per night.

The kids are very excited to meet their new brother or sister!  They like to talk to my belly and their favorite name right now is Pirate.  Delaney loves all of the baby clothes, mittens, and bibs that we brought down from the attic.  We’re slowly emptying the guest room and we’re almost ready to start painting.


 33 Week Comparison

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Five Things

1.  I am now in my third trimester, over 28 weeks, can you believe it?  The months have flown by so quickly.  I’m feeling okay.  I have posterior pelvic pain which hurts like crazy sometimes.  Mostly later in the day and during the night.  Sometimes stretching helps, sometimes it doesn’t.

We don’t have names picked out yet, which is driving me crazy!  Andy said he is mulling it over.  Tristan is still stuck on Cannonball, and Delaney seems to prefer Baby or Baby Margaret.

2.  Tristan and I went to see the Harlem Globetrotters over Christmas.  He LOVED being at Consol Energy Center and ran from picture to picture of the Penguins in the hallway.  Our box was half empty so we had room to spread out.  He liked the basketball part of the show, but got bored when they did the antics in between.  We stayed until our chicken fingers and fries were gone and then we were ready to go.  I put in a request for Monster Jam tickets next month, fingers crossed that I am selected and we can attend that as well.

3. Delaney has a fun new thing lately.  Now that she’s learned how to pull down her pants for potty (still working on actually going on the potty), she likes to take her clothes off.  And diaper.  She especially likes to unzip one-piece pj’s.  Last night she took everything off and was fine watching her before-bedtime show in the nude.  I made her sit on Andy’s side of the bed, not mine!  :P

4.   I recently gave DIY laundry detergent a try.  I hated paying so much for something that we literally wash down the drain.  I found this recipe from Pretty Handy Girl and whipped up a batch.  I must say, it works really well!  Borax, washing soda, and fels naptha soap, all found for under $10 at Walmart.  I gave some to my mom and I think she likes it as well, she requested a refill.

5. I have some ideas for the new baby’s room.  I think we’re going to do a nautical theme in navy/green for a boy or navy/coral for a girl.  I’m trying to pull together the details now so that we’re ready to execute later.  Does anyone know where to buy plain white curtains without grommets?  I checked IKEA but theirs are more off-white than white.

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26 Weeks Comparison

This is fun!  Here I am at exactly 26 weeks with all three pregnancies.

At 26 weeks with Tristan, I wrote that I couldn’t wear my demi-panel cords anymore.  I can guarantee I wasn’t wearing them at 26 weeks with Delaney!  This time, they’re still loose and I have to constantly pull them up.  So I think I’m carrying higher than with Tristan, but I’m obviously not as big as with Delaney.

It’s hard to believe I’m already down to approximately 14 weeks left!

I have my FINAL glucose test this week.  I had a 1-hour screening at 13 weeks (I think.)  I failed that, but then passed the 3-hour.  We’re skipping the screening and going straight to the 3-hour this time.  This will be my 8th glucose test!  Fingers crossed that I don’t have GD.

My symptoms are consistent with the last times.  I have pain in my right lower back after I’ve been lying down for a little while.  It goes away once I get up and moving.  Otherwise I feel pretty normal.  I’m sleeping fine, I maybe wake up once per night to pee.  I constantly roll onto my back, as usual.  One difference this time is I’m really tired.  If it’s not a work day, I almost always take an afternoon nap.  My weight is up about 7 lbs from ‘my’ starting weight but roughly 12 from what the OB considers my starting point.


26 weeks - all three pictures-3

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Tristan Speaks: Cannonball!

Daddy: Tristan, do you want a new baby brother or baby sister?
Tristan: A brother. No. A sister.
D: What should we name them?
T: Cannonball…
D: Cannonball???
T: Yes, cannonball.

*Skip to next day – reading a book about independence day and war ships shooting cannons*

T: *Points* What’s that?
D: That’s a cannonball… *Boggle*




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Sit on Lap?

I wasn’t a witness to this, but I know Delaney likes to sit on laps.  What else can you do when your chair is upside down!





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Tristan Speaks

Mommy:  (Looking at a picture of a chicken in a book)  We eat chickens, we had chicken for dinner.

Tristan: No Mommy, we don’t eat THOSE chickens.  We eat pretend chickens.  We eat people chickens.


Tristan was having trouble going to bed.

Mommy:  Are you feeling okay?

Tristan:  No.

Mommy:  What hurts?

Tristan: My tongue.


Tristan is always thinking up new questions.  Recently I’ve had to explain why the sun disappears at night, which resulted in a demonstration of the sun traveling around the Earth.  And then I remembered the Earth actually spins and goes around the sun.  Science fail.

I’ve also had to explain electricity and “what are those strings for” when he spotted electrical wires.  He also questioned why I need so many lights on inside my car (on the instrument panel.)

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Tristan and Delaney Speak

Tristan:  Pap doesn’t have a green penguin.  He probably doesn’t even know where to get one.  (The fish pond at Kennywood if anyone is wondering!)


We were asking Delaney lots of silly things.

Us: Are you an elephant?

D:  No.

Us: Are you an armadillo?

D: No.

Us: Well, what are you?

D: Yellow.

Us: You’re yellow, can we call you yellow?

D: Dee Dee nose.


T: I need more dreams for my belly.

Mommy: Ok, have dreams about Jesus…

T: No, I need things with wheels.

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