Station Square

A few weeks ago, we took a little morning trip down to Station Square.  We walked around, rode the incline, and had lunch.  It was a dreary weather day and it actually rained a bit so it wasn’t the best day for pictures, but I took a bunch anyway.












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Despite terrible weather, we still had some memorable moments camping.

We talked to Tristan all day about bears being in the woods. Later, Tristan talked all night about bears being outside our tent when we were trying to sleep…

“What’s that sound?” “Is that a bear?”

Repeat 200 times.

Tristan and I made our own campfire song…

“Walkin’ on rocks. I was getting wet. Pickin’ up sticks. Fire on the grill”.

Repeat 200 times.

The live version really is much better.

At night we chased off raccoons trying to eat our late night campfire snacks. One of them was large enough to be mistaken for a dog.

We went down to the river and watched people get into the canoes then threw rocks into the water for a good hour. Tristan loved doing this and kept saying…

“Are you gonna see this big splash?”

Repeat 200 times.

We went to the fire tower and Mommy and Daddy carrying Tristan climbed 2 1/2 flights before I realized the stairs had turned to wood. That was high enough. Tristan had no complaints about coming back down!

Even though we had to deal with tantrums from Tristan, Delaney, and Daddy (who does not like being wet) – all in all it was a very memorable trip!

Candice will edit this later and add some pictures.

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Delaney Speaks

I don’t think we’ve done too many Dee Dee Speaks entries. Here’s a few memorable ones before we forget!

  1. Elmo is “melmo”. So cute.
  2. Tristan is “Tris” or “Tris Tris”
  3. The Count is “Two, AH AH AH”. If anyone says “one” it triggers this response. Hilarious.
  4. Shoes are “Shoosh”
  5. Juice is “Shoosh”… not to be confused with Shoes…
  6. She says “Yeah” instead of yes and even yells “YEAH!” if she is really excited.
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4th of July Weekend

We had a great 4th of July weekend this year. Well, great except for the “I need to spend extra time working” part.  We still fit in a lot of fun.  We went to Latrobe to watch the parade.  It was a beautiful day and we luckily found a pretty good spot to sit.  Next year we’ll take chairs out ahead of time!


Free ice pops!  What a great idea.  I also had a snow cone that neither kid wanted to try.


Tristan liked the fire trucks.  He loved seeing tractors and even a few monster trucks.  He did a good job scooping up candy that people in the parade threw as well.  We didn’t stay for the whole parade because it was past lunch time for the kids.  We went to Eat N Park and had lunch before it got crowded.


That night Andy set off some fireworks in the backyard.  Tristan loved them but Delaney did not.  The loud noises were scary for her so we went inside and watched through the window.  I’m glad we didn’t make an effort to go see community fireworks this year, it probably would have been a disaster.


We had some friends over to play on Saturday and I think everyone had a great time.  Pictures are on Facebook.

We also harvested our first sweet banana pepper.  Anyone have ideas on what to do with them?  We are soon going to have a lot.


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Zoo Pics

Bonnie sent me a bunch of pictures that she took on our trip to the zoo a few weeks ago!  They are in no particular order.











zoo3 zoo1

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Friday Update (With Some Pictures!)

Happy Friday!

Lots of good things happening here.  Tristan started a Mighty Kicks soccer program at day care.  He came home very excited about being able to play with the big kids.  He will also begin transitioning to the preschool room next week on his birthday.  I know he will love the new toys to play with, more advanced activities, and being with his friend Logan again.

Delaney is doing great also.  She had her 18 month well-visit and she’s in the 90th percentile for height and 95th for weight.  Our pediatrician said now was the time to take away the pacifier.  Yikes!  In less than a week’s time, Delaney learned to live without a me-me.  So proud of her!  She still asks for it occasionally when she’s upset but we tell her me-mees are gone and she’s a big girl now, only babies need me-mees.

Recent pictures of the kids!






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Tristan Speaks at Bedtime

I got this gem while tucking Tristan in the other night.

Tristan: *touching Daddy’s lip*
Tristan: “Daddy, you have a mustache.”
(I don’t _just_ have a mustache, there is a beard there too…)
Daddy: “Hah. I do have a mustache.”
Daddy: “Do you have a mustache?”
Tristan: “No.”
Tristan: “I’m just a boy.”


He also likes to tell us “I don’t have dreams in my belly” while we are tucking him in. I then proceed to tell him to have dreams about race cars, dump trucks, air planes, puppy dogs, kitty cats, legos, and anything else I can think of that a little boy loves. Apparently these are not very filling dreams though, because he always asks to see Mommy before bed so that she can give him dreams for his belly too.


I’ve tried to narrow down the list by asking what kind of dreams he wants in his belly. His response. “All of them.” That’s a lot of dreams.


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Tristan Speaks at the Zoo

Tristan: “Sharks can talk!”
Daddy: “Oh really, what do they say?”
T: “Na Na Na Na Na Na”


Daddy: “What was your favorite thing from today?”
Tristan: “I pet a deer. He pooped from his bum.”

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Happy Birthday to me!  Being 29 is really nice.  :)

We had a great weekend.  We went to the zoo yesterday with my parents and Bonnie.  Everyone had a great time!  Tristan said he liked the “stinky elephants” the best.  Here is the only picture I took, oops.


We also hit up some nearby garage sales.  Tristan got a Lego spaceship.  He’s allowed to play with it when Delaney is sleeping and he loves taking it apart, piece by piece.  We also found out it’s not a great idea to go to garage sales with Delaney.  She threw the biggest tantrum ever when leaving a house with a Barbie RV/kitchen.  The girl selling it had it all set up and Delaney loved all the little pieces.  She was screaming so loud in the car!  As we drove past other sales, everyone stopped and turned to look at us.  We had to go home for a me-me.


We did find a dresser that we bought – for only $5!  I’ll do my magic and paint it and we’ll use it in our upstairs hallway or the guest room.  We couldn’t pass it up.  Now I just have to make the time to work on it…

Does anyone have a great recommendation for sheetz sheets?  We have a set of Wamsutta 100% cotton sheets that we love.  Well, we loved them until this happened last night.  My foot when right through the fitted sheet!


I went to the Bed Bath and Beyond site and it seems this happens to many, many other people who have bought Wamsutta sheets.  They were probably less than three years old.  :(  I still use some pink pillow cases that I think were from Bonnie’s childhood set, they are probably 20+ years old!  I wish I could get my hands on a king set of those.  They don’t make ‘em like they used to.


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Five Things

1.  Silence on the blog lately.  It’s been a busy few weeks!  Our five year anniversary was on May 16th.  Andy and I spent quality alone time at the Med Express.  I came down with an inner ear infection (different than the middle ear infections that the kids get.)  It was HORRIBLE.  The first four days I was dizzy at all times.  The doctor described it as being drunk without the feeling good part.  I started to get some relief after that, but I’m still in recovery mode.  Certain things will throw off my balance and make me feel bad, such as carrying a bag on one shoulder or turning my head too quickly.  It could take weeks or months before that finally goes away.

2.  We made a visit to Indiana a few weeks ago to visit family.  The kids did great on the ride out; not so great on the ride home.  They had a great time visiting with all of their grandparents, cousins, and friends.  We also went to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum.  I’ll try to do a post soon with a bunch of pictures!

3.  We visited the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum over Memorial Day weekend.  It was the perfect time because no one was there that day.  We were in the toddler area 45 minutes with no other people there!

4.  Yesterday, Tristan requested blueberry pancakes for dinner.  I’m not sure if he has ever asked for a specific meal before.  Unfortunately, he had eaten the last of our frozen blueberries the day before.  I’m not even sure they’re for sale in grocery stores right now.  So off to Bob Evans we went!  They have blueberry pancakes on the kid’s menu which comes with 5 pancakes.  Tristan ate 4 of them!  He loved every bite.

5.  We have a lot coming up in June including a family trip to Idlewild.  And when I say family, I mean the whole extended family.  I think Tristan and Delaney will absolutely love it.  Hopefully it will turn out to be a nice day and we can go to Soak Zone too.  Going to Idlewild on Elliot picnic day was always a highlight of my summer growing up; I hope T&D will begin to have good memories there too!

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