Raccoon Creek, Part II

Waking up at my normal time this morning, hours before Andy would awake, I headed out to Raccoon Creek Park.  After taking a workshop with pro photog Heather of http://www.weddingsbyheather.com/ fame, I wanted to practice a little of what she taught.  My goal was to find the wildflower reserve.  I missed that goal a bit.  Instead I spent an enormous amount of time driving through the park searching for the office and eventually making my way into the forest.  Sorry they’re all nature photos, I didn’t have a model with me!

Um, is this poison ivy?
This was as close as I got to a ‘field’ of wildflowers. I think I missed a trail somewhere.
I stopped at Janoski’s on the way home to buy a hanging basket for my mom.  They had a huge selection of plants in their nursery!
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2 comments on “Raccoon Creek, Part II
  1. D says:

    Really nice job, C!!! Keep up the good work!

  2. tfish says:

    wonderful job on the focus :) great pictures!

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