22, 23, 24, 25, & 26 Weeks

I finally got together my pictures from the last 5 weeks!
I can’t complain about how I’ve been feeling – SO MUCH better than last time.  I don’t have the aching, the pain, difficulty rolling over, hurts to walk, etc.  I think I may have had something called SPD last time.  I’ve had no trouble sleeping, I haven’t needed to use my pregnancy pillow, and I can walk without any pain. 
Everything has been good at my appointments.  My doctor was a little concerned about how much weight I gained so I’ve been eating less and walking on the treadmill.  I’m still able to go to yoga each week too. 
I have tired days here and there and sciatic pain if I lie a certain way on the floor.  Stairs are really tough sometimes.  But overall I can do what I normally do still.  Thankfully braxton-hicks have been kept to a minimum.
Baby girl has been kicking up a storm!  Everything feels very similar to how it did with Tristan.  I haven’t noticed any hiccups yet.
I finished painting her new room.  I was able to do it myself (with Behr no-VOC paint) while last time Andy had to do most of the painting.  I even went a little crazy with the paint, wait until you see the finished product!
Baby girl does not have a name yet.  We still want to get another baby name book to look through.  We’re headed to the beach next week so we’ll have lots of downtime to think about it.
And on to the pictures!
22 Weeks – Motherhood shirt, Gap maternity dress pants.  I wore a cardigan over this so it wasn’t as pattern-crazy in real life.

23 Weeks – A non-maternity shirt and my favorite Pea in the Pod denim skirt from last time.

24 Weeks – A Motherhood dress I had from last time.

25 Weeks – Yoga pants and shirt from The Gap maternity.  This is what I wear to class every week.  The pants are so comfy!  Plus they fold over so I’ll be able to wear them after having the baby.

26 Weeks – Love this picture!  It’s a Banana Republic wrap dress that just barely wraps far enough.  Paired with my favorite Heidi leggings, it is acceptable for work.  For now!

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