27, 28, 29, 30, 31 Weeks

Hi all!  I finally got my act together to post my most recent pictures.

I had an OB appointment yesterday (31 weeks, 3 days) and my belly measured at 32 weeks.  So all is good there.  The nurse practitioner thinks baby girl is head down, which is another good thing.  I’ve gained 21 lbs so far.  I’d like to keep it right there!

Braxton-Hicks have really increased lately.  I had a nice lull for about a month.  Now I really have to watch how much activity I’m doing.  I don’t get as stressed out as I did with Tristan because I know all will be okay.

Over Labor Day weekend, I went to move Tristan’s high chair with the outside of my foot and pulled a bunch of muscles in my belly.  Ouch.  That started a downward spiral of pain.  My biggest complaint is sitting.  I cannot sit in my desk chair for more than ten minutes without my butt and legs feeling like they’re on fire and numb at the same time.  I have to constantly move around, sit on alternating legs, lean back, lean forward, stand up, etc.  I asked the nurse practitioner (who is not my favorite) and she didn’t seem to think this was normal.  Great.  She recommended a chiropractor or getting a deep tissue massage, neither of which are valid options for me.  I am getting a new chair at work soon and they provided me with a seat cushion which helps a little bit, but I’d still rather be home lying on the couch.

Some good news – I don’t have gestational diabetes!!  Whoo hoo!  My blood work results were very good.  This time last time I was undergoing tons of extra appointments, monitoring, and ultrasounds.  What a relief to have nothing to do except attend my normal appointments!

Baby girl’s room is still a work in progress.  Since we ordered Tristan’s new furniture, we need to move the white dressers into her room.  So far I have a rug, a mobile to hang from the ceiling, curtains that need to be ironed, sheets, a changing pad cover, and lots of ideas.  :)

Baby girl doesn’t have a name yet.  We’ve been working on it!  I need to know the name to complete some wall art and also to order her a Christmas stocking to match the rest of ours.

And now for the pictures!  Tristan decided to get in on the action a little this month.

27 Weeks – One of my favorite shirts from Pea in the Pod.  It is so comfy and made of nicer material. 

28 Weeks – We were at the beach!  It was tough to take a picture on the dark balcony with the bright background.  This was the best we could do.  I’m wearing a dress I picked up at a consignment sale last time.

29 Weeks – Wearing the outfit I wore for all of Tristan’s pictures.  I need to do this again to have a good comparison picture.

30 Weeks – Haircut!  I’m definitely getting bigger.  I’m wearing a shirt I got on babysteals.com and my favorite denim skirt.

31 Weeks – I am huge!  I compared this picture to 31 weeks last time and I can’t believe the difference.  Tristan is saying, “It’s okay, mommy, I can still tell who you are.”

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One comment on “27, 28, 29, 30, 31 Weeks
  1. It’s so nice seeing all the baby bump pctures in a row. It really shows how much you are growing! You look GREAT! Can’t wait to see you all sometime soon!

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