32 & 33 Weeks

Two more pictures!  I wanted to wait for this week’s picture, but Andy is going to the Pirate game tonight so the picture will be delayed a day.  And we all know how great I am at posting them right away…
Right now I am 34 weeks.  It sounds even scarier when I say it’s only 6 weeks until my due date!  Six more weeks, where has the time gone?  We are still working on baby girl’s room.  I hope to make some good progress over the next week. 
I have been feeling okay.  More soreness as time goes on.  I still can’t sit very long but I’m managing okay.  The worst symptom is the increased B-H.  Last Thursday night I had a lot.  Probably enough that I should have called the on-call doctor, but I chose to ignore them and go back to sleep.  I also had a lot Saturday night into Sunday morning.  I couldn’t go back to sleep and ended up downstairs watching TV.
My doctor said that as long as I make it past 36 weeks, they wouldn’t do anything to stop B-H if they became regular and timable.  So let’s just skip ahead two+ weeks so I don’t have to worry!
Good news is I haven’t gained any more weight.  I’m still hovering around the same amount of pounds as last time.  I also haven’t had any aural migraines or leg cramps.  All wins!
I did have a trace amount of sugar in my urine at my last two appointments.  The doctor said it could be from what I ate for breakfast, but on one of those occasions I know I didn’t eat anything because my appointment was very early in the morning.  My blood pressure is normal and I have not had any swelling so the doctor was not worried.
32 Weeks – Banana Republic non-maternity wrap dress.

33 Weeks – I like this one, I can still see my normal body in there somewhere!  Plus I love Tristan running around in the background.  We can’t go outside without him but it was raining so we tried to be quick.  He took off into the wet grass in his socks.  :)

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