34 & 35 Weeks

It’s almost game time!  My due date is one month from tomorrow.  Exciting!  From this week on I’ll have weekly OB appointments.  Baby girl has been moving around like crazy.  Maybe I’m less stressed or more busy but I don’t worry, “Has she moved lately?” nearly as much as I did with Tristan.
It’s weird not having a ton of u/s pictures like we did with Tristan.  We only have two of baby girl.  Barring any last minute complications, we won’t know if she has hair or if she looks like Tristan until she arrives.
We’re still working on a name for baby girl.  Hopefully we can decide soon!  I have nursery decor that is waiting for the final decision. 
I’ve been feeling relatively well.  I’m definitely slowing down.  It’s harder to get up from the couch or the floor and very tough to carry Tristan around and give him a bath.  I absolutely cannot get him out of his crib if he’s lying down.  I usually wake up around twice per night to pee but that doesn’t bother me.  I still roll onto my back and wake up feeling very nauseous.  I’ve had a lot of weird dreams lately.
Best news – still no aural migraines!  I was definitely having them all the time after 34 weeks with Tristan.  B-H haven’t been too bad this week.  I have them all the time but I think I only had one bad evening since my last blog post.
34 Weeks – I love this picture!  My little buddy is awesome.

35 Weeks – This is the outfit I wore to the hospital when Tristan was born.  Such good memories!

35 Week Comparison – I’m still rounder and higher than last time.  But at least my face, arms, and legs look about the same!
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3 comments on “34 & 35 Weeks
  1. Anonymous says:

    love that first pic too! :) b.sue

  2. Anonymous says:

    Canidice, in the picture with the gray dress on, it looks like the hill behind you is on fire…what is that? you look so adorable….I cant wait to see pictures of your sweet little girl…

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