40 and 41 Weeks

I know, I’m a little late with my last two weekly pictures!  As far as an update, I was not really feeling my best.  I started my maternity leave on my due date because I was just too uncomfortable to sit at work all day.  I wasn’t getting much done anyway.  I spent the week relaxing, finishing up the nursery, and organizing.  I did a little shopping and went out to lunch.  It was nice!
So much for all of my thoughts on going early.  I had an appointment with Dr. R after I hit 40 weeks and she had us schedule a date for induction. I preferred not to be induced, but time was running out.
40 Weeks – Not sure what happened to the belt but I’m 100% sure it was feeling very tight!
41 Weeks – The day before Delaney was born.  We originally wanted to schedule our induction on this day, but the hospital schedule was full so we were delayed until Tuesday.  Please excuse my hair and lack of makeup!

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One comment on “40 and 41 Weeks
  1. You look amazing! And “all bump” as they say.

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