26 Weeks Comparison

This is fun!  Here I am at exactly 26 weeks with all three pregnancies.

At 26 weeks with Tristan, I wrote that I couldn’t wear my demi-panel cords anymore.  I can guarantee I wasn’t wearing them at 26 weeks with Delaney!  This time, they’re still loose and I have to constantly pull them up.  So I think I’m carrying higher than with Tristan, but I’m obviously not as big as with Delaney.

It’s hard to believe I’m already down to approximately 14 weeks left!

I have my FINAL glucose test this week.  I had a 1-hour screening at 13 weeks (I think.)  I failed that, but then passed the 3-hour.  We’re skipping the screening and going straight to the 3-hour this time.  This will be my 8th glucose test!  Fingers crossed that I don’t have GD.

My symptoms are consistent with the last times.  I have pain in my right lower back after I’ve been lying down for a little while.  It goes away once I get up and moving.  Otherwise I feel pretty normal.  I’m sleeping fine, I maybe wake up once per night to pee.  I constantly roll onto my back, as usual.  One difference this time is I’m really tired.  If it’s not a work day, I almost always take an afternoon nap.  My weight is up about 7 lbs from ‘my’ starting weight but roughly 12 from what the OB considers my starting point.


26 weeks - all three pictures-3

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2 comments on “26 Weeks Comparison
  1. Gramma says:

    ahhh y0u look great!

  2. Gramma says:

    After a second look…do you realize your hair is longer with each pregnancy? You still look great!

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