39 Week Comparison

My last comparison picture!  Tristan was born just after 39 weeks so I don’t have any pictures past this last one.  I knew I wasn’t as big this time, but this picture really emphasizes that.  I had an ultrasound last week to check the baby’s growth and he/she is definitely on the smaller side.  After meeting with the OB today, she figured we would wait one more week until 40 weeks and then probably induce.  It’s better to have a baby on the outside where we can make sure they’re thriving.  I was hoping to hold off until Thursday, April 2nd, to avoid an April Fool’s Day birthday, but at this point I’d take any day!  The baby passed today’s non-stress test so that is good.  She said not to worry, but it’s tough not to!

I’ve been feeling kind of ‘eh.’  Lots of pelvic pain in the back still.  I really have to take it easy and avoid twisting, walking, bending, lying on my sides, etc.  Basically I sit a lot!  I haven’t packed my bag yet, that should ensure that the baby comes sooner, right?  :)  B-H are getting stronger but that’s normal for me at this point.

The kids are still very excited to meet the baby.  Tristan understands countdowns and every week when I tell him one less week to go, his eyes get really big!  He and Delaney will be great big siblings.

39 week comparison

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