34 Weeks

How far along? 34 weeks

Total weight gain: Sigh, this gets so confusing.  I’m going to get real and name my actual weight from now on!  My ‘normal’ weight is 130.  When I had my first weigh-in at the doctor, they put me down as 127, but I know I had lost some due to nausea.  At yesterday’s appointment, I weighed 146.  So that’s 19 according to them, 16 according to me.  Two weeks ago I was up to 149 on their scale, so I’ve gone down a little bit.  Andy brought up a good point – it’s probably more muscle that I’m losing.

Appointments:  I had a NST yesterday.  It went well for the baby, his heartrate reacted as it should.  I had a little bit of a problem though.  Besides having two Braxton-Hicks contractions during the test, I also had an episode of hot flash + B-H.  I could see the monitor and the line was at the very top of the graph paper and I felt like I was going to pass out.  Luckily the nurse came in at that moment and ran to get me water.  She said she had never seen it do that before.  Ugh!  The doctor wasn’t concerned though, she just told me to drink lots of water and come back on Friday.  Braxton-Hicks are nothing new for me so there was nothing to worry about.

How big is baby?  Your baby now weighs about 4 3/4 pounds (like your average cantaloupe) and is almost 18 inches long.  His fat layers — which will help regulate him body temperature once he’s born — are filling him out, making him rounder. His skin is also smoother than ever. His central nervous system is maturing and his lungs are continuing to mature as well. If you’ve been nervous about preterm labor, you’ll be happy to know that babies born between 34 and 37 weeks who have no other health problems generally do fine. They may need a short stay in the neonatal nursery and may have a few short-term health issues, but in the long run, they usually do as well as full-term babies.

Clothing? I bought another pair of black tights this week, ones that are a little shorter.  Hopefully anybody keeping track of what I wear will now realize I have different pairs instead of just one!  Today I also braved no tights and just wore a sun dress to work.

Sleep?  Lots of waking up on my back.  Rolling over has become really uncomfortable again, as well as getting out of bed multiple times at night.  I’m a little more unsteady on my feet and my back hurts, so I have to take it slow.

Symptoms?  I’ve had a few headaches over the past week.  The doctor said they could be sinus related or could indicate a slight rise in my blood pressure.  My BP has been fine at my appointments though so there is no reason to worry.  My feet are starting to swell a little towards the end of the day.  I turn my recycling bin upside down to use as a higher foot rest at work.

I’m been extra tired this week and I’m feeling more fatigue.  I bought a bunch of annuals for the pots on the patio this week.  I gathered all the pots around me and sat on the ground to plant everything.  Afterwards I had some trouble standing up.  I hope none of the neighbors were watching me lying in the dirt!

Walking to my car at the end of the day is really tough.  I hurt from sitting all day and the parking lot slopes uphill.  I don’t make it in time to get one of the maternity spots though.  There are a ton of pregnant women in the building right now.

I feel better on the weekend, I think because I’m not stuck sitting in a chair all day.  Or maybe it’s the extra sleep.  Either way, I look forward to the weekends!


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