Parking Garage Confusion

I have previous experience with parking garages.  I’ve parked in many – downtown, South Side Works, hospitals.  I know how they work.  Enter garage, push button, take ticket, gate opens, park.  Return to garage, pay at pay station, drive to gate, enter ticket, gate opens, exit.  It’s pretty simple and it’s the same everywhere.

Yesterday, Andy and I went to visit my grandpap at Westmoreland hospital.  Greensburg is my home turf, so I’ve been in the hospital many times.  It’s a little older than I remember.  Andy took one look at the parking garage and begged me to park on the street.  I didn’t see any open spots so we entered.  Push button, take ticket, gate opens, park.

We returned to the garage after our visit and took the elevator to the ground level.  “Oh look, here’s the pay station.”  I put in our ticket and paid the fee, but the ticket did not come back out.  “Where is the ticket return button?  We can’t get out without a ticket.”  “Oh look, the gate is up.”  Realization sets in that it’s not really a pay station…

Luckily the garage was pretty deserted so we were able to run to the car, twist and turn throughout the garage, and we made it back to the gate before anyone else needed to exit.  Next time we’ll park on the street!

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One comment on “Parking Garage Confusion
  1. Lisa A. says:

    Hope your grandpap is ok. I didn’t hear he was in the hospital. I’ve been in that parking garage a lot lately and I’ve never had a problem. They did get a new system within the last few months so maybe it was acting up.

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