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Have you ever had a thought in your mind that you knew to be a truth, but later found out you were totally wrong?  This happens to me a lot!  Most of the time it’s words that I read in books but I’m not sure how to pronounce them.  I make it up in my mind for reading purposes, but sometime in the future I’ll hear someone say the word and realize I was a bit off.

Lately Andy and I have each had a word that we pronounced incorrectly.   Andy’s was Quarry – like a rock quarry.  [kwawr-ee, kwor-ee].  He was saying it kind of like query – [kwair-ee].  Of course I had to make fun of him!

This weekend we were in Home Depot looking at tile and comparing clear glass tiles to opaque ones.  I started making fun of Andy’s saying opaque [oh-peyk].  After some back and forth and checking a dictionary later, I conceeded that it’s not spelled opague and prounounced [oh-peyg].  Oops!  I’ve been spelling and saying it like that all my life.

In college I realized I said the word lapel [luh-pel] incorrectly.  I always pronounced it [ley-puhl], rhyming with maple.  Luckily I never used that word much.

One other think I can’t wrap my mind around is the orientation of countries in the Middle East.  Iran and Iraq are switched for me.  I know where they should be according to the map, but my mind reverts to its own wrarped image.  I thought I was 100% right that Iraq was next to Afganistan and Pakistan.

I wish I could remember which teacher told me this, but somewhere along the line I was told that buffalo/bison went extinct.  I distinctly remember learning this in a classroom.  I was confused for many years when people talked of buffalo or bison meat.  Where could it possibly come from?

P.S. I’m not the best speller and I can’t find a spellcheck here on Blogger.  You will have to live with my mistakes!

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3 comments on “Word Play
  1. Katie says:

    Well Candice…there are definitely still buffalo around. There is a buffalo farm up here in New Castle. Hahaha.

  2. I also was told buffalo are extinct! I guess that’s not true after all. But remember they would make a big deal of saying how the native Americans used every part, but the white settlers were so wasteful and killed them all, which made the Native Americans suffer? I KNOW that was definitely told to me. :)

  3. Amy says:

    Buffalo are extinct… most of the ones you see now are Bison :) Zac taught me that — although I still refer to the ones in South Park as buffalo!!!

    And I say words wrong all the time! I’m more stubborn though and usually think I’m TOTALLY right :)

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