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This past week was the Just Between Friends baby/kids consignment sale.  Held each spring and fall, I’ve gone to it for several years, always scoring some good deals.  This year I decided to volunteer for 8 hours which enabled me to shop much earlier than the public sale.  Plus I was able to check out the merchandise and become familiar with where everything was located.

I wasn’t able to get any big items – the shopping carts I had my eye on were too close to retail price – but shopping during the volunteer pre-sale did allow me to go through the clothes racks without any crowds.  Plus I got first picks!  I was also able to give Andy a pass to shop early too.   In addition to clothes, we were able to get a $5 brand new potty chair, some new sippy cups, a snowman decorating kit, a few books, a U.S. States board puzzle, race tracks, hot wheels, and a Cars toy.  I think that’s everything!

On to the clothes…  I found two hats for Delaney (one for now, one for next year), and a pair of snow boots and a pair of dress shoes for Tristan.


These are the clothes we got for Tristan (plus a shirt that he was wearing when I took this picture, and also another shirt I missed):



These are the clothes we got for Delaney (plus a shirt and pants that she was wearing):


We also got some fleece pajamas for Delaney:


Andy and I were able to go back for the volunteer half-price pre-sale.  This is what we got for only $26:


The kids already have some clothes I picked up at the end of season last year, from a consignment sale that Andy went to a week ago in Washington, and Delaney is well stocked with jeans and other clothes from her cousin Piper.  I already have heavier fleece jackets for when we’re out and about that work well with their car seats, Tristan has an outside snow coat from Gramma and Pap S. that he got last year but it was a little big, and Delaney can wear Tristan’s old coat if she needs to go outside.  I think we are ready for winter!


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