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This week I went to the Sunflower Sprouts consignment sale on McKnight Road.  I volunteered for three hours last week so I could shop the volunteer pre-sale.  You might ask, is it really worth my time to volunteer?  My answer is Yes!  There is no line to get in.  I can shop at my own pace without people reaching in front of me and banging into me with their bags.  I got to shop before all of the consigners, first time moms, grandmas, and those who pay $10 extra to shop early.  The selection is great and I was able to volunteer and shop without taking time off work.

I mainly shop for clothes for the kids.  I like brand name clothes because they are made of comfortable fabrics and they last a whole season without falling apart.  But I don’t like the retail prices so this is what I do as a compromise.

So here’s what I got!  Eight outfits for Delaney included two hats, a pair of sunglasses, and some hair ties.


Six dresses, a pair of capris, a skirt, and a pair of shorts.  (Plus a hat to match the white dress, not pictured.)


Tristan scored five shorts outfits and a hat.


Jeans, pants, two pairs of athletic shorts, a two piece swim outfit and another pair of swim shorts.


The total for all of that came to $156.50.  That’s 46 items, bringing the cost per item to $3.40.  Pretty awesome!  Everything is in excellent condition and some items even had the original tags on them.

I also got another basket worth of toys, puzzles, and croc shoes.  There’s a bag underneath that I noticed contained a school bus.  I knew Tristan would love that.  As I looked closer I realized it contained school busses, monster trucks and a garbage truck.  The trifecta of coolness in a two year old boy’s eyes!


I wish I had had a little more time, I realized when I got home that I should have looked for more pants and dressy clothes for Tristan.  I especially hate paying full price for them because they’re worn so infrequently.

I came home after the sale to a quiet house and a pizza box on the counter.  And someone who let someone else eat graham crackers and a banana while watching TV on my side of the bed…


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One comment on “Consignment Shopping
  1. Ginny says:

    Consignments sales are the best, I love finding a deal and it looks like you found some amazing things!

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