Stella is Four Months Old

Stella had her 4 month well-visit this month. She weighed in at 13 lb 8.5 oz (35th %) and 26 inches (95th %). It’s funny because all three of our kids were 26 inches at 4 months. But Stella started out the smallest so she grew at a faster rate! I don’t mind her lighter weight, she is easier to tote around that way. She can still wear some 6 month clothes but 9 month definitely fit better. Sleepers especially need to be the bigger size.

She did pretty well getting her shots. Lots of tears! She had a fever the next day but that was the only side effect.

Stella is still a happy little baby. Crying and fussing are at a minimum, though she is amping up her volume. Taking notes from big sister maybe?  She likes eye contact and attention.  Sometimes when she’s fussing, what she really wants is someone to look and talk to her.

Stella is still sleeping really well.  Most nights she sleeps all night. She’s a cat napper during the day. Hopefully once she is on the move physically she will tire herself out more and need longer naps.

She hasn’t figured out rolling yet, though she did roll from belly to back once or twice by accident. She’s doing pretty well with tummy time. She can get her head up pretty high if she’s in the right mood. She pushes with her legs and can spin in a circle if she’s feeling adventurous. She also found her abs this month. One day she woke up and decided she wanted to try to sit up. She loves being pulled up to a seated position by her hands. And instantly she tries to put our hand in her mouth!

Nicknames for Stella– Stella Bella, Little Monkey, Stella Boo, Pretties

Things Stella likes: Her stuffed giraffe toy (she LOVES his face and loves to talk to him!), tinu’s, babbling and screeching, Tristan talking to her, Delaney give her kisses, being naked, holding our hand when she is tired or scared, being carried around.

Things Stella doesn’t like: Getting dressed after bath, poopy diapers, loud noises.



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