Stella is One Month Old!

One month already!  But it already feels like Stella has been part of our family forever.

At her one month visit to the pediatrician, Stella weighed in at 9 lbs 1 oz and 21.5 inches long.  That is the 35th percentile for weight and the 58th for height!  She grew 1.5 inches and gained almost 3 pounds since birth.  She is now wearing 0-3 month clothes after wearing newborn size for the first few weeks.

Stella is such a chill baby!  She doesn’t cry often and when she does, it’s only because she wants to be held, eat, or she needs to go to sleep.  Her cry is nowhere near as loud as Delaney’s, which is a relief.  We can hold her and she falls asleep pretty easily.  Sometimes she even dozes off during tummy time.

The first week was rough with sleep until Stella got her days and nights figured out.  Now she wakes up two or three times during the night and goes back to sleep.  She wasn’t a fan of the swaddle once we got home and she didn’t have the startle reflex with her arms, so I gave that up.    She spits up a lot.  It comes out her mouth and nose but luckily it doesn’t seem to bother her too much.  So no reflux right now.  She had a blocked tear duct in her left eye for about a week, but luckily it opened up quickly.

Stella LOVES bath time.  The first few baths involved a lot of screaming, but now it’s her favorite place.  As soon as I take her into the bathroom, no matter how fussy she was, she stops crying.

Nicknames for Stella– Stella Boo, Stella Bella, Little Monkey

Stella enjoys her MAM binky, the lamb seat, the Mamaroo sometimes, being held, and watching what everyone else is doing.


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