Stella is Three Months Old!

Three months!  Only three?  It seems like she’s been with us so much longer than that.

I weigh Stella on an old UPS scale at home so it’s pretty accurate.  She’s around 12 lbs 5 oz now, a pound heavier than last month.  I tried measuring her as well and I think she’s about an inch taller than last month.  We tried to use up our overstock of size 1 diapers but we had no choice but to move up to the 2’s.  They just didn’t fit anymore.

Stella is still a great baby.  She’s content and happy most of the time.  She really likes to be held.  Luckily we love to oblige! If she cries it’s pretty easy to figure out if she’s hungry, tired, needs a diaper change, or wants to be held.  One or more of those things will make her happy.

Stella is still sleeping really well.  Sometimes she wakes up once per night, sometimes she doesn’t.  She’s still sleeping in the Rock N Play in our room.  I know she needs to go to her crib soon, but I’m afraid of disrupting her good sleep!

She’s a smiley girl, especially in the mornings.  She has great head control now, we can sit her up in our lap and she likes looking around.  She’s getting louder when she ‘talks.’  She has also started putting things in her mouth.  Her hands, burp cloth, wash cloth during bath, the top of her sleep sack.  She is constantly blowing bubbles too.

Nicknames for Stella– Stella Bella, Little Monkey

Things Stella likes:  Being held, her binky, holding on to toys, being naked.

Things Stella doesn’t like:  Tummy time, having her nose wiped, getting dressed after her bath.














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