Stella is Two Months Old!

Two months!

At her two month visit to the pediatrician, Stella weighed in at 11 lbs 4 oz and she is 23.25 inches long.  That is the 43rd percentile for weight (up from 35th)  and the 80th for height (up from 58th)!  Other than a few exceptions, she’s wearing size 3-6 month clothes now.  We’re trying to use up the rest of our size 1 diapers, but otherwise the size 2’s fit her much better.

Stella is still very chill!  Some days I don’t think she cries at all.  She fusses when she’s hungry or tired and we’re pretty good at figuring out what she needs.  Shortly after I wrote her one month post, she started to show signs of reflux.  :(  We got her on Zantac and it is working really well for her.  On the several occasions when we’ve missed giving her a dose, her symptoms definitely come back.

Stella has become a really good sleeper.  She is usually asleep by 9:00 pm.  She wakes once around 4 or 5:00, eats briefly, then goes back to sleep for a couple more hours.  Her longest sleep span was 9 hours one night!  I cannot complain one bit.  She still sleeps in the rock-n-play in our room.  I’m not sure when I’ll be ready to move my last baby into the crib in her own room!  She a quiet sleeper (no loud squeaks like Tristan!) so she doesn’t wake us up during the night.

She now smiles and ‘talks’.  Her whole face lights up when she smiles!  She talks and makes conversation.  She especially likes to talk to the lion on her activity mat.  She loves that thing!  She still really likes bath time.  She has gotten much better at head control and she likes to be held upright so she can look around at everything.  She follows people around the room and wants to see what is going on.  She’s grabbing onto things now as well.

Stella is lazy during tummy time.  She starts chewing on her fist and just lies there.  She might be a very happy tummy sleeper once she learns to roll!

Nicknames for Stella– Stella Bella, Little Monkey

Things Stella likes:  Her binky, being held, sleeping outdoors in the humidity, smiling faces, and being talked to.

Things Stella doesn’t like:  People getting too close to her face, being overtired, being set down when she’s sleeping in our arms.

















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