OOTW, or Outfits of the Week.  I started taking pictures of what I wear to work on the days I go in to the office.  If I know I’m going to take a picture and share it with the world, I need to put some thought into what I’m wearing.  I can also see what doesn’t look right, what doesn’t fit, etc.  Lastly, I’d love any input from you!  Unless of course you have worse fashion sense than me, then you can keep your opinions to yourself.  :)

Tuesday – Denim jacket from the Gap, very old.  Shirt and pants from the Limited.  Also quite old.  It’s comfortable and I think it looks pretty good.


Wednesday – Dress from Old Navy, newer at 2.5 years old.  Boots from AE, extremely old.  The dress looks a little frumpy in the picture because I didn’t have time to adjust, one of my co-workers was walking in and I could only take one picture!  I think I need a brown belt around the middle instead of the dress-material tie.  And I should have worn brown bracelets.


Thursday – I originally planned to wear a different blouse but when I put it on this morning, it was too tight around my arms.  Having a 26lb baby has its perks; fitting into tight sleeves is not one of them.  Donate.  The shirt I’m wearing is terrible and needs to be donated also.  It’s scratchy and doesn’t fit right; I constantly have to pull it up in the front.  Cardigan from Motherhood.  It’s SO comfortable but I realize I need a new black cardigan.  Gray pants from the Limited, old, I don’t love them.  Gray croc Anne Klein pumps from 2010, I think.


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3 comments on “OOTW
  1. Bonnie says:

    Denim jacket thumbs up! Last night my sweater shelf revolted and ALL collapsed. I couldn’t open the closet. A sign I shall be allocating units your way! I realize I don’t wear any TANS so I have a bunch of stuff you can have. HOorahhHHh!

  2. Christina says:

    I have the same motherhood cardigan. It IS super comfy!

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