Shopping List

I have my eye on some things but I need to wait for sales before I would consider buying them.  Never pay full price!

How cute is this quilt.  It’s from Land of Nod and I think Andy will especially love the castle.  It would match Delaney’s room perfectly too.  She’s happy in her crib though, so she doesn’t need big girl bedding anytime soon.

Land of Nod

I really want this white Liz Claiborne blazer from JCPenney.  It is versatile and could be worn throughout the year.  It was marked down from $60 to $44 and I finally had a coupon and went to order it online.  It was back up to regular price!  I missed my chance but I’m sure it will go back on sale soon.



I’m not sure that I need white pants, but I really want them.  They’re the Drew fit from The Limited which is what I always wear.  And they are lined!  The biggest problem I have with white pants is they’re rarely lined and you can always see the pockets through the material.  My other option is to find a pair of white jeans that could pass as business casual if you squint.  Then I could wear them to work and they would be comfortable enough to wear other places.


The Limited

Finally I found some cute outfits for the kids at Osh Kosh for Easter.  Buying a new dress for Easter was always a tradition for us and I’d like to continue that with T&D.  Delaney would love the sequins on the cardigan and Tristan would like the shirt because it isn’t short sleeved.


I would have picked out some clothes for Andy, but it is ridiculously difficult to buy clothes for someone who is 6’9.  I should have him describe the experience of shopping big and tall…

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One comment on “Shopping List
  1. Gramma says:

    Ok Let’s go shopping! I would like to spend someone else’s money!

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