Toddler Girl Fashion

I’m always perusing kid’s clothing web sites to see the latest styles.  There are so many options for girls!  Not so many for boys.  These are a few things I have my eye on for Delaney.

Valentine’s Day is next week!  I might have to run to Old Navy and pick this up.  But I’d also need to get a cardigan.  It would be good for church though, and should fit through summer if I get a 2T.

Old Navy – $10

Nautical seems to be very popular with the little ones this spring.  I probably wouldn’t get this one because Delaney has enough long sleeved items, but it’s cute.

Nautical Preppy

Crazy 8 – $22 for both

I love this swimsuit!  But there is plenty of time before I need to buy her a swim suit and I want to make sure the size I get will fit.

Old Navy – $14

I like this Hello Kitty dress from H&M, paired with black leggings.  Being sleeveless though, it wouldn’t be practical until summer.

H&M – $14.95

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One comment on “Toddler Girl Fashion
  1. Bonnie says:

    Love the bathing suit!

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