Big Snuggles!

As you may know, “more snuggles” is what Tristan asks for when you put him to bed. It went away for a little while – he was letting us put him to bed and get back to cleaning up the house for the next day of disaster without much fuss. Within the last week or so snuggles have been reintroduced into the process. This time it’s not just snuggles though… it’s “BIG snuggles”.

It’s impossibly hard to skimp on the snuggles. If you try to leave too early you get a pleading little voice “Don’t leave daddy”, “Don’t go yet”, “Don’t go clean/check on DeeDee/do work/etc.”. He even tries to pull you back down on to his pillow to lay next to him! If you manage to get out of there without satisfying the snuggle quota and Mommy checks in on him before he goes to sleep, he’ll likely tell her “Daddy no snuggle”… Oh the heartbreak!

I’m not kidding anyone, I eat it up. I love that little guy so much it’s worth every minute.

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2 comments on “Big Snuggles!
  1. Candice says:

    You do skimp on the snuggles sometimes! At least that’s what I hear. :)

  2. Gramma says:


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