Tristan Speaks

Tristan: *Watching the neighbor kid play with his dog*
T: “That boy loves his doggy.”
T: “We don’t have a doggy. We have a baby.”
T: “I don’t want a baby. I want a doggy.”
Daddy: “But you love DeeDee too, right.”
T: “Yeah. I love DeeDee.”

Next day…

T to Mommy: “We don’t have a doggy. We have a┬áDeeDee. I love our DeeDee.”


T: *playing with his toy broom*
T: “I’ve got my vroom.”
Daddy: “Say ba-roooom.”
T: “bvooom” (or something like that…)
D: “Say ba-rooom.”
T: “Say Truck.”
D: “Umm. No, I’m trying to teach you something. Say broom.”
T: “Say Red Truck.”
D: “No, say broom.”
T: “Say Red Truck.”
D: “Red Truck.”
D: …
D: *Sigh. Foiled by a 2 year old*


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